Billie Lourd | Ankle Tattoo

Billie Lourd chose to have a tattoo like that of her late mother, Carrie Fisher. On October 21, which was also Fisher’s supposed 61st birthday, the 28-year-old star paid tribute to her mom by getting the said tattoo. She had a planet, a moon, six little stars, and one big star etched on her ankle, where her mom’s tattoo was also placed – on that Fisher’s was in purple and blue colors while hers was in black.

Lourd also used the space-inspired tattoo to celebrate Fisher’s birthday. In a post on Instagram, she tagged the celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who also shared the photo on his own page. Aside from this post, she also shared a photo collage of Fisher’s old pictures and greeted her with a happy birthday. It has been years since Fisher has been gone, but the degree of love Lourd has for her is still the same.

Emma Stone | Wrist Tattoo

After learning that her mother, Krista Stone, was already cancer-free, Emma Stone bravely wrote a letter to the music icon Paul McCartney to ask him to draw an image of two little Blackbird feet to celebrate the news. In an interview, the 31-year-old star revealed Blackbird is the favorite song of her and her mom, so she chose this image to be etched on her wrist.

So, why did she ask McCartney to draw the bird’s feet? Blackbird is a famous The Beatles song, released in 1968. As he wrote this melody, Stone thought of asking him to draw its image to make it more meaningful. To his credit, McCartney obeyed and sent her his drawing immediately. Now, it is tattooed on her skin.

Nicole Richie | Wrist Tattoo 

Getting a tattoo is permanent, so one must be very sure of choosing a design and what to etch on their skin. Take it from Nicole Richie herself. The 39-year-old reality star has a wrist tattoo that she now regrets. The ink in question is the word “virgin,” and Richie got it because her zodiac is Virgo.

In an interview, she said she found the tattoo “embarrassing and desperate.” She got the tattoo when she was only 16 years old. At the time, she wanted to be different, so she decided to put the word virgin, thinking it was the sign for Virgo. As she regretted having this body art to a certain degree, she wanted to alter its design by adding letters “I” and “A” to make it read like Virginia. However, she felt stuck, knowing no one would believe she’s from this state.

Dax Shepard | Finger Tattoo

Dax Shepard got a tattoo on his ring finger after he tied the knot with Kristen Bell in 2013. Instead of the traditional wedding ring, the 45-year-old actor decided to have a bell etched on his ring finger. He explained he is not fond of wearing jewelry, but he felt obliged to warn everyone that he was already married, albeit the band.

So, instead of using his investment money on buying a band, he found it more fitting to have a tattoo. As his wife’s last name was “Bell,” he thought it was an object that he could etch on his skin that symbolized the actress. The ink also had little letters, like her initial, K, L, and D, that also represented their daughter, Lincoln.

Amanda Seyfried | Foot Tattoo

Amanda Seyfriend had a matching tattoo with her Mamma Mia co-stars that read, “Minge.” It was the term of endearment of the movie’s characters that they decided to etch it on their skin. However, it had a different meaning in England but had no meaning in the US, where she spent most of her time.

With its tacky meaning, some credit Seyfried’s tattoo as “filthy.” So, why did they choose this? The 34-year-old actress explained Colin Firth used to say this word on their movie set, while Rachel McDowell told her what it actually meant. Now that the term was on her foot, she would heartily laugh whenever she would see it. Also, she wanted to know what it felt like having a tattoo, although she was not a fan of it.

Ariana Grande | Ear Tattoo

Ariana Grande has a bee tattoo behind her left ear. The 27-year-old star chose to have this image etched on her skin to honor the 2017 bombing victims that tragically happened at her concert. A couple of days after the tragic incident occurred in Manchester, the pop star showed her new tattoo to the public in a post on Twitter.

She captioned the snap with the word “forever,” although she did not explain this word’s meaning. The bee holds a historical symbol in Manchester, dating back to the Industrial Revolution when the factories were called “beehives” because of the degree of the people’s busy productivity. This bee is just one of the several tattoos Grande has on her whole body.

Blake Shelton | Arm Tattoo

Blake Shelton has a deer track tattooed on his arm. However, it is often mistaken as ladybugs. In an interview with Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 singer mocked the 44-year-old country singer for having a tattoo of ladybugs on his arm. Later, Shelton explained he actually wanted to have a tattoo of deer tracks, but he wasn’t sober when he got it.

The tattoo artist didn’t know how to draw a deer track, so he drew him one. Sadly, Shelton also didn’t know how to create one as well, so he just did what he thought it would like. He was the one who drew the tattoo on his own arm, although he ended up calling it “crap.” Shelton even tried to fix the tattoo by adding more ink onto it through drawing additional barbed wires. We’ve got to give his ingenuity some credit, don’t you think?

Lily Collins | Foot Tattoo

Lilly Collins has several tattoos on her body, and that includes a flower tattoo on her foot. This body art has wordings that are strategically placed to look like the stem of a rose. The phrase says that the “nature of this flower is to bloom,” a quote from Alice Walker that also features a leaf. In a post, Collins revealed that she would look down at her foot every time she would walk or run to remind her that everyone should grow, be tested, and challenged.

Other tattoos that Collins has are a crown, wings tattoo on her wrist, writing on her upper back, and a dandelion, fairy, writing on her side. Collins revealed that some of her inks are fairy-tale-inspired, like her fairy tattoo, sitting on a crescent moon while blowing a dandelion into the wind. Collins uses her body as her investment for everything art-related.

Harry Styles | Arm Tattoo

Harry Styles has several tattoos on his body, which he started getting when he was only 18 years old. Now that he is 26, he has spent a significant amount of investment money on his skin, including a mermaid tattoo on his arm. However, compared to other people, who want their body arts to be perfect, Styles’ ink seemed imperfect. Why?

He told his fan he wanted to show everyone that they should love themselves no matter what, and they should never strive for perfection. Nobody is perfect, anyway. Styles has over 40 tattoos all over his body. His left arm alone has several tattoos, like a huge heart, a liquor bottle with the words, “you booze, you lose,”; a bible, and the letter A to honor his mother, Anne Twist.

Sophie Turner | Arm Tattoo

Sophie Turner rose to prominence when she played the role of Sansa Stark in the iconic HBO TV series, Game of Thrones. She was part of the show from start to finish, from 2011-2019, so it was a significant part of her. To honor the series, she had the House Stark sigil, a dire wolf, tattooed on her arm with the words, “The Pack Survives,” which was also a nod to her character’s family.

With the long time that she had spent on the series, Turner had built a profound degree of connection to the show. The phrase was part of the infamous line the Starks said whenever there was a war coming. Aside from Turner, her co-stars, Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke, also had GoT tattoos etched on their bodies.