(Almost) Naked Run

It’s a wonder how this man was allowed to enter the store, really. He is in nothing but a thong. We imagine he might have been on the beach lounging around when he remembered he had to run to Walmart to pick something up. So he stood up and drove to the supermarket – without changing and simply grabbed his credit card and glasses then went on his way. Following our imagined scenario, we’re sure he has every intention to go back to tanning on the beach. No hate here, but really Walmart? Maybe they should put up a “no clothes no entry” sign.

Set a Good Example

They say teaching them while they’re young is always a good investment. This father wanted to be a good role model for his daughter. Since his little girl wanted to wear short shorts like the girls on TV, her dad saw an opportunity for a lesson. She is still too young to be dressing a certain way so he made sure that she understands exactly what he means. We wonder how the discussion between these two went. It’ll be a story that his daughter will remember even when she gets older. Props to pops for handling this in a humorous way, though!

The Cutout

When ladies confuse shirts for dresses, they always end up in unflattering situations. This woman, however, may have thought that she looked good in what she was wearing. She turned a cut-out tank top into a dress and only wore a skimpy thong to cover her behind. Either she truly thought this was a great outfit or she completely forgot to wear pants like in our other photos! We know unique pieces are a bit tricky, but it definitely does not take a fashion degree to know when you should put on pants. Her body looks great but it’s too revealing for the grocery store.

Potty Training

Accidents happen. For the unlucky few, it’s embarrassing toilet-related accidents that happen. Either way, you’ve got to deal with the consequences and try to move on. In this case, however, dealing with the consequences does not mean continuing with your errands and walking around the store like nothing happened. The elephant in the room is even more pronounced because it is imprinted on white sweatpants. If this is not a fresh accident, then that’s more tolerable, but why on earth would she wear it not fully washed? She should head on to the laundry aisle and make an investment towards getting it cleaned or replaced.

Shameless Plug

We’ve all got skeletons in our closets. Some guys do what they do in private when no one else is around, but others just love to flaunt their “personal” hobbies. Such is the case with this Walmart customer. He is probably a constant client of this world-famous site, which is why he owns the merchandise in the first place. This man shows no shame and even took his gear to the supermarket, even though it’s supposed to be friendly to all ages – kids included. The degree to which he shamelessly advertises his favorite website is further highlighted by how big the words printed on the bag are.

Christmas x4

Whenever Christmastime comes by, there is always a flurry of activity and everyone is dressed in red. Whatever our take may be on certain things, the holiday spirit always brings us together. Look at this customer, for example. He’s a punk guy but he’s dressed in a Santa costume. Not only is he in the famous red suit, but he’s also adjusted the headgear to fit his own style. Who knew a Mohawk could accommodate up to four Santa hats! We give this guy credit for innovation and team spirit while preserving his individuality. He gets plus points for spreading cheer at the grocery.

Shopping for Magic

If you see a guy wearing a seemingly medieval cloak to the store, one thing that could pop into your mind would be that he’s either serious or cosplaying. Perhaps he simply ran out of coats or thought it would be fun to go to the shops dressed like a magical character. Either way, it is quite an enchanting thing to find such a character in a mundane place like the grocery. It plays with your imagination and lends a sense of wonder to your day.  Do you think wizards have credit cards? We wonder what kind of mysterious potion he’s making.

Socks are Enough

We’re not sure what goes in people’s heads when they decide to go to the store naked. The ones before may have had some underwear on, but this guy is completely nude – apart from his black socks. A Walmart staff even approached him to try and make him a bit more decent, but it’s obvious that he preferred his birthday suit. If someone sues him for public nudity, we wonder what his lawyer might say in defense. “At least he left his socks on” could be a possible argument—even though it’s an awfully weak one and much like this guy’s antics, distasteful as well.

Pink Bunny Negotiations

Returning a product, for some, can be quite embarrassing. It could either be because the product is damaged or you purchased the wrong one. Whatever the reason might be, it will demand negotiation and this can be a little bit stressful. It could come to a point wherein you would just want to hide your face. We’re assuming this is what’s happening in the photo. But an entire costume just to return an item seems a bit much. Then again, we have seen some of the strangest outfits that people have worn to Walmart. This is a degree tamer than a lot of them combined!

Meat Funeral

People seem to choose Walmart for exhibiting their weirdest ideas. This is one of those. Whether done for fun or as a statement, it certainly is attention-grabbing. Imagine finding two people in animal masks acting out a drama in the meat aisle. We have to give them credit for their guts though and giving people an impromptu show. It is no Shakespeare or Webber, but this funeral scene straight out of someone’s surrealist fantasy wins points for shock-value. Besides, we’re sure most people got a good laugh from it. We’d likely react in the same way, too, after we get over the initial surprise.