Walmart’s Most Audacious Customers and Their Head-Turning Outfits (Or Lack of)

Walmart is an amazing place where you can find almost anything. Whatever you need is always there in one of the aisles, including your source of entertainment sometimes. As you do your groceries for next week’s supplies, you might run into some curious personalities who unapologetically flaunt their style. As you swipe your credit card to pay, they might even be lining up next to you. From outfits that are too much to those that may be too little, the costumes that Walmart customers sashay in are no doubt memorable. Here’s a list of the most audacious customers and their head-turning outfits!

Feeling Empowered

Body shaming is something that we look down upon. Women, especially, need to find their confidence despite their insecurities. Imperfections should be celebrated because they are what make you unique. Except, maybe, maintain a bit of modesty in public. We understand that flaunting your curves can be something that empowers you. However, wearing clothes that’s smaller than your actual size and without anything else on to cover it while in public may be a degree weirder than the usual statement outfit. Confidence is great, but we were picturing something different and a little less risqué in mind! After all, groceries are family-friendly places.

Stop Clowning Around

Clowns only have an appeal to a certain kind of audience. They may be a happy companion to have around, but they certainly are also the most unsettling. If you add a splatter of blood on their chest, they become the kind of people you must avoid if you pass by them on the street. This clown who wandered into the store does not look like he came from a party. We don’t want to know where he’s from, but whatever he’s been doing, it must have made him hungry. To his credit, he’s pretty serious about his job walking around the store looking like that.

Pants-less Season

We’re not sure whether the next person on our list did this on purpose or if they totally forgot to wear pants. Perhaps they decided to just wing it because they surely look unbothered despite not wearing any bottoms. If this is a statement, then we’re not sure what point they are trying to make, but if this is style then this is one trend that won’t last long. They looking at the hardware section now but let’s hope they’ll check out the clothes later. A good pair of trousers would be good investment. Maybe add a pair of shorts or jogging pants, as well.

Undies and a Belt

The endless show of underwear does not stop. We give this woman credit for being so liberated and brave! She topped her bra and panties off with a white tank top that she scrunched up just below her bra line. She then accessorized with a belt around her waist and a cowboy hat on her head. She even has a bag to complete the look. Maybe she’s going to a themed party but who knows what that theme is. The bag of sour cream chips she’s lining up to pay for hints doesn’t really provide clues and only deepens the mystery.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

If this song rings a bell for you, then you’re not alone. Britney Spears’ iconic look in the song’s music video took a wrong turn when this guy wore it as his grocery-shopping outfit. A plaid long-sleeved shirt tied just below the chest, exposing his glorious belly makes the pop star look. He might as well start dancing once the flooring is cleared for him. There is one hint here that gives him away– check the corner of the photo. It must be Halloween time and he’s wearing a costume. Does running into Walmart to get last-minute candy necessarily have to be done with his shirt like this, though?

His and Hers

We’re usually big fans of cute couple shirts and costumes that make romantic duos an instant relationship goal. For example, matching outfits usually make the pair stand out, and in this next photo these two definitely did. They’re in matching nudity in the middle of a grocery store. They might have decided to wear nothing but underwear to the supermarket, but they were clever enough to remember shoes for their trip. They should visit the clothes section after and cover up a bit more. Where do they even put cash in these outfits?  What about a credit card? It really is baffling.

Southern Exposure

Wearing a shirt, a sweater, and a miniskirt to the supermarket doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? All is well until you see that the skirt is too short for her. Nowadays, it’s wonderful how women can flaunt their bodies in the style that they choose, but this girl has to know that though she’s trying to be stylish, her private parts are exposed. There’s a chance that the degree to which she expresses her trendiness borders on risqué, but there’s also a chance that she has no idea that she’s so bare her butt cheeks are giving everyone an awkward hello!

Bikini Babes

Let’s take a break from the highly inappropriate outfits on our list so far and look appreciate this sweet pair. These fashionable folks are sporting matching t-shirts, which are printed bikinis on them. The shirts create an illusion that they are wearing the bikinis themselves, which makes them look so cute together! It’s a simple look, but we love the humor it brings.

As we age, we naturally gain weight which is why we make an investment to take care of our health while we’re young. These two, however, show that there’s no age limit to having fun. We’re sure that it keeps both of them youthful.

You Nailed It!

Toenails are not the usual body parts that we like to keep long but in Walmart, a curious customer can be spotted flaunting the unusually long nails on her feet. The nails have grown so long that they almost look painful to look at. We think she’s been featured in a world record somewhere; otherwise, why would she put herself in so much pain? The nails are probably really hard and heavy. Though, it probably saves her a bit of investment money when it comes to purchasing expensive shoes. With toenails like these, sandals are definitely the way to go.

Pretty in Pink

In this modern world that we live in, we often promote living out our true selves. This can be expressed in many different ways, including cross dressing. This man is sporting a neon pink top, short shorts, and a fabulous pair of bright pink stiletto boots. The boots are in a pretty Barbie color and are certainly flashier than what most women would wear. Clearly, he is very adventurous with his choice of footwear. Can you imagine other fun stuff he wears outside of grocery shopping? We hope he doesn’t end up having problems with the flooring, while he sashays around!