Lady and The Tramp

Women often want to date someone who is loyal, sweet, caring, and whose attention will always be theirs no matter what. It might be too far fetched for a man to manifest all these traits, but it doesn’t always have to be a man (or human for that matter), right? Dogs are so adorable and cute that it’s easy to fall in love with them at first sight. This woman might be missing her husband but is lucky enough to have an adorable substitute. Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend, or in this case, a woman’s best date. I would definitely drop everything if this lucky lady would loan me some time with this dashing pup.

Labor Pain Simulation

The idea of making a man feel a woman’s pain during labor has been achieved through modern technology, hence we now have labor pain simulators. Perhaps the idea for this technology came from the Wixáritari, a group of indigenous people in Mexico. Traditionally, their women would wrap ropes around their husbands’ testicles. Contraction after contraction, the woman would feel the pain. In the same way, contraction after contraction, the man would feel it too, with the woman tugging on the ropes. This is definitely a weird way to be feeling the degree of pain your partner is having.


Why call maintenance and plumbing services when you can do it with your own two hands? From cleaning a filter to changing a bulb, homeowners can easily perform easy maintenance tasks with no problem. Women know every inch of their homes from floor to ceiling, and with the help of their husbands, there shouldn’t be problems in their homes that they cannot fix. In the end, and at the will of a woman master, any leak can be sealed. To top it off, there is nothing a loving and caring husband would not do to keep his master calm and happy.

Pest Control

Certainly, these pests do not require any help from life insurance companies. Nevertheless, a choice to pass the responsibility for life onto another person is one of the most important unwritten powers a woman possesses. The fact that some won’t risk having stains on their own shoes just to take life from these little pests is a bold choice a woman could make. Instead, they would pass on to the next person the responsibility of taking charge and handling the situation; they would pass on the responsibility of handling a single cockroach. Some would even trap these crawlers in order to have the next passerby take care of the situation.

Deepest Secrets

Wives have a way of knowing each and every one of your deepest secrets; from shallow secrets and habits, such as how bad your gas smells, to deeper secrets that you want to keep hidden from everyone. Being truthful is very important in a marriage, but you might not know that a woman can use this knowledge to her advantage. Some may even go to certain lengths to personalize gifts for you with a special note to make you realize the nasty smell your gas gives off. Yes, secrets can be kept between two people, but that doesn’t mean they cannot have a little fun with the knowledge they possess.


Women can wear whatever they want. From overalls and mom jeans to suits and silly costumes, no one has the right to dictate what a woman should wear for the day, as long as they are still aware of the dress code rules in their workplace. A female lawyer may even show up at work wearing a banana costume, and that shouldn’t be a problem. In this case, a sense of humor is as important as a sense of respect. A straight face, on the other hand, might be hard to find when these particular female lawyers show up to work wearing their beautiful banana costumes.

Constant Victims

Don’t get me wrong, women are not constant victims in this case; their husbands are. Having someone there by your side will make you feel comfortable to a whole new level. As an example, being comfortable can arrive at a point where you don’t mind placing frozen peas on your husband’s car, knowing full well that his car plate number is “IH8PEAS”, just to annoy him before he heads off to work. On other days, conversations can be serious, such as talking about money management, but it is nice to let loose a little and have a little laugh in between.


A wife might be miles away from home, but there is always a piece of her left behind. Like applying for a loan, you might not realize it, but it’ll come back to you in due time, and you will have to make sure to be secure when that time comes. In the same way, when a wife leaves for town, she must make sure everything around the house is secure until she can return. The wife might even keep a dummy wife in the home to act as her proxy in her absence. This way, the distance will definitely make the heart grow fonder.


Like cakes, women can be sweet and loving. The love a wife can give is one of the treasures a man has to hold on to. After all, marriage is already a personal investment for both the man and the woman. After years of sticking to one another, bad habits start to surface, and one starts to see flaws in the other person that they haven’t seen before. One may even joke that “I love you” becomes “I tolerate you” in the long run. In the end, marriage and relationships are bittersweet, but who says bittersweet cakes aren’t tasty?

Muscles to Good Use

One can’t deny that men are physically stronger than women, so why not put these muscles to good use? Earning a finance degree gives you skills in managing cash; in the same way, gaining muscle gives you the power to carry a child − your child, to be specific. Long walks in the mall and even out at the park can get tiring for a child. This is why having a husband by your side can be used to your advantage. After all, spending hours in the gym weightlifting was never a problem before. Why not have those muscles carry a tired and sleepy child around?