Witty Wives: 53 Hilarious Photos of Pranks Done to Husbands

They say that marriage is an investment that is more than just love and happy days. There will always be bad times, but what matters is how you and your partner decide to solve and get through it. Most of the time, what makes life easier for a married couple is letting loose for a while and enjoying each other’s company.

If your significant other has a great sense of humor, then better start upping your game! You have to be prepared for pranks and silliness, even when you least expect it. Here, we have compiled 60 photos to show you of wives pulling off hilarious pranks on their husbands. May you get a good laugh–or even better, get inspiration from these!

All Eyes on Him

Is your spouse feeling down lately? Or perhaps he’s been complaining about being neglected? Well, worry no more, because this witty wife has the perfect solution! “I hope my husband feels special when he wakes up. All eyes will be on him,” she wrote in a post. When her husband opened the fridge, he was shocked by the number of greetings that awaited him! As it turns out, the woman stuck googly eyes on all the food in their fridge, so her husband can get all the attention he wants. This was actually a good investment for her to have made, to make up for the times when she cannot give him her full attention. What a lucky man!

Time is Gold

It is universal knowledge that the most important thing in the world is time. We run out of time too fast, and sometimes, there are too many stories and words to mention within the limited amount of time given to us. This is true, especially when a woman finds herself in the middle of an interesting conversation. Whether speaking with her attorney or her colleague, a little sidetrack can lead to them talking for hours without pause; in the same way, it could result in you becoming a corpse waiting inside the car under the sun’s heat.

Face Swap

With the advancement of technology today, almost anything is possible. A lot of awesome applications and software are emerging out of the woodwork every now and then. Some are for productivity, some are for education. Some are for business, some for entertainment. Different trends are popping here and there, some easily fade, while some stay. One of the recent popular apps is the face swap app. Basically, you take a picture of yourself and someone else, and the app swaps your faces in a matter of seconds. It’s a fun app to use, but this picture taken by this woman who was just in the hospital going about her day is hilarious. We’re sure it cheered her up. Whoever did this deserves credit, because this is insane!

Extra Friendly Strangers

Ah, April Fools! It’s the one day of the year when we’re all allowed to prank each other (reasonably) – it’s also known as the most dangerous day for unprepared married people with prankster wives or husbands! Take, for instance, this unsuspecting man who probably went to work like he always does. Little did he know that his wife taped a sign to the bumper of his car that said: “Please honk and say ‘Hi Aaron.’ Pretend you know me.” The poor bloke must not have known what to do with the number of people who greeted him both on the road and when he stopped for gas!

A Blank Canvas

First of all, here’s a little piece of advice from us: never let your guard down. Specifically, do not fall asleep earlier than your wife. Faces are just like blank canvases exposed for any woman to decorate, and what can be a better face to use than that of a sleeping husband? The first step each husband should do after waking up is to check their faces in the mirror before proceeding with their day. If you happen to find your face filled with foundation and eye shadow, do not call an attorney to sue your wife. Look at the bright side; your wife made you look pretty for the day.

Challenge Accepted!

A husband dared to challenge his wife once. He said that she would not be able to shave the hair off his feet without waking him up. The wife, being competitive and a little mischievous, took the husband’s bet. And so, the guy slept soundly that night, feeling confident that his wife will not be able to accomplish the task, believing himself to be a light sleeper. But, alas! He woke up the next morning to find both his feet and toes now hairless. What’s more, his toenails were painted pink, complete with glittery nail polish! We’ve got to give credit to the wife for having painted such intricate nail art!

Say Cheese!

This husband made the mistake of jokingly calling his wife a ‘sandwich maker.’ While they often just laughed it off, little did the husband knows his wife was already plotting a silly revenge plan. Instead of no longer making the husband’s sandwiches, the woman thought it better to get some degree of revenge. The next morning, the husband found his usual breakfast sandwich on the counter and moved to take a bite. He was thrown off by what he was chewing. The texture was different, and when he looked down to see what was inside his sandwich, he saw his cheese still wrapped in its plastic seal! Needless to say, revenge was had, and the wife has no regrets.

The Hunger Paradox

Oh no! This husband found himself stuck in a flowchart hunger loop! He even went as far as asking Reddit for help. “My wife made me a passive-aggressive flowchart to use every time I get hungry,” he said. While a lot of husbands and husbands-to-be deserve credit for coming to his aid, none of them could figure a way out. Some even found themselves stuck in the loop as well! As you read this, the men may very well still be struggling to get out. So be careful! And may this serve as a reminder to clean up after yourselves, unless you also want to be sucked into the wretched flowchart loop!

I’m Good at Math, But…

We all have our fields of specialty, but we also all have our areas of weakness. For example, one can be a wise lawyer who knows the Constitution by heart but won’t be able to carry a tune to save their life. You can also be like this engineer in the picture who knows how to solve complex calculations but has a hard time spelling words. His wife, who has a great sense of humor, decided to poke fun at this. At the same time, she was still kind enough to insist that her spouse is good at math by the end of the day.

The Perfect Place to Get Scared

This woman, on the other hand, has a wicked side to her sense of humor. Her husband did not know what type of decorations she was going to get for Halloween, as well as where she was going to set them up. One day, he came home and went straight to the bathroom. He nearly soiled himself when he saw this life-sized ghost figure hanging from the roofing of his bathroom! Anyone would probably have reacted the same way. The only good thing about it is that he is already in the bathroom— so he might as well take a dump and clean himself up!