Orange Is the New Black character Suzanne Warren, also known as Crazy Eye, wears her hair in Bantu knots. Although she is intelligent, she cannot fully express her own emotions due to her mental illness. She was dubbed as Crazy Eyes because of her big, bulging eyes. Uzo Aduba, the actress who effectively played the role, can be sent in red carpets with her dark perfect hair flowing down her shoulders and scarlet lips. There are moments when she wears her hair in a natural kinky form or have it straightened in some outings. She wears the degree of confidence that Suzanne was deprived of, and she certainly knows how to dress up well—either for casual interviews or red carpets.


Gilly is one of the characters in Game of Thrones who is well-loved because of her innocent beauty. She was first seen in GOT as a daughter who gets maltreated and had to bear a child at such a young age. Unlike fellow lady characters who get to have their own handmaid and wears elegant dresses, Gilly only wears old, baggy winter clothes. Her hair, although long and beautiful, is not kept well maintained just like what Daenerys, Cersei, and Sansa Stark enjoy. Hannah Murray, the actress behind the role, lives her life totally different from that of Gilly in many different degrees. She has a hair color of light brown and brown eyes, which she compliments by wearing elegant ensembles during red carpet events.


Another Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s fictional character Quark, a member of extraterrestrial race Ferengi, is undoubtedly different from the actor behind it. A funny character that he is, Quark dons heavy prosthetics and make-up in a darker shade. He also has those pointed teeth and a crooked nose. This is an investment in the time and effort that he has to make for the effective portrayal of the role. In real life, actor Armin Shimerman is way far from his role. The voice actor wears semi-bald white hair and grows his beard and mustache as he ages. His eyes and teeth are far from the character he depicts although his degree of witty personality is just the same.


One of the favorite characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones is Daenerys Targaryen’s husband Khal Drogo. He was known for his bid body etched with heavy tattoos, thick eyeliner, long hair, and beard. Although he was killed off early in the fantasy series, Khal will always be remembered as the strong Dothraki chieftain whom the Mother of Dragons loved. On the other hand, its actor Jason Momoa is different in his real-life look. Jason maintains a shoulder level hair in a black and gold shade. Compared to Khal’s fiery look, Jason has an approachable and friendly personality, topped with quirky antics and funny facial expressions. However, both have the same characteristics and have the same degree of hotness thanks to their tall built and perfectly toned bodies.


Pepper is a known fictional character in American Horror Story played by Naomi Grossman. In the show, Pepper is a freak show character who is innocently playful. She is always seen with a flower, a girlish bow and a knot placed in her bald head. Naomi played an effective role as she undoubtedly was unrecognizable, with credits going to her skillful make-up artists.  In real life, Naomi is cheerful and has a smiling face, donning black sleek hair and blue eyes. Her performance as Pepper earned her a nomination for Outstanding Best Actress in the Emmy Awards and landed more acting projects.


Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichael can turn into a whole new personality with her transformation as Lady Edith Crawley. As the character, Laura is the Marchioness of Hexham and a lead antagonist in the US-UK produced television series. She wears exquisite fashion including Edwardian gowns, Parisian dresses, and beaded and sequined ensembles paired with a feathered hat, that is reminiscent of the glitz of the ‘20s. Her accessories are also eye-candy, from her headband, armbands, and long necklaces, topped with a fur shawl, with the credit going to their ever efficient wardrobe team. Laura, on the other hand, is an epitome of modern-day beauty. She looks every inch of a star with her blonde hair flowing down her shoulders and looks younger than her on-screen counterpart. She need not have exquisite accessories as she is most beautiful with a simple yet stunning ensemble when she is on the red carpet.


Ocean’s 8 actress Sarah Paulson was given credit for her outstanding performance as Marcia Clark, who is O.J Simpson’s lead prosecutor in American Crime Story season 1. There she had to transform as the tough ’90s lawyer, who was portrayed with chain-smoking habits and a distinctly unique short perm. She was later on awarded for her effective and noteworthy performance. Sarah Paulson, on the other hand, wears a pixie golden cut in real life, just like in her role in Bird Box. Sometimes she loves sleek while there are instances, she wanted to keep it curly for her red carpet appearances.


Madeline Brewer’s portrayal of her character Ofwarren, or Janine Lindo, in Hulu’s dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale is totally effective to a different degree. In terms of looks, Madeline pulled it off as a handmaid wearing a maroon hooded dress and white hat. Ofwarren became half-blind because of her usage of harsh and forbidden language. Her character went from being timid to rebellious. On the other hand, Madeline looks far different. She wears copper blond hair and matches perfectly with her blue eyes. During red carpets, Madeline can be seen showing off her sleek tresses while wearing ensembles that reveal her curves.


Millie Bobby Brown’s fame started with her iconic Eleven portrayal for Stranger Things. The onset of Stranger Things features Eleven as the short-haired girl but fans saw her evolve into a teenager who starts to wear outfits in colorful shades. We love how she turned from wearing dark clothes to retro-style looks fans are digging. In the show, Eleven is set to be 14-year-old, which is close to Millie’s real age. In the red carpet, Millie looks all grown up for a 16-year-old rising star, as credit goes to her fast-growing body. She currently dons waist-length blonde hair and looks regal in deep shades of natural make-up. Compared to her colorful ensembles in the Netflix show, Millie is often seen wearing attire in black, white, and brown which makes her far different from Eleven’s playful get-up.


Fan-favorite Steven Quincy Urkel from ABC’s sitcom Family Matters started as a guest and then became one of the main protagonists of the hit show. He is known for his nerd look, with thick eyeglasses, high pants with suspenders, and multi-colored cardigans. He tends to irk his neighbors with his high-pitched voice. Actor Jaleel White takes the credit for his character’s rise from being a guest to be the main man in the show. Steve Urkel was supposedly intended for a one-time appearance only. But due to the positive comments from the audiences, Jaleel White became a regular cast member. With his fictional character look, Jaleel White is definitely far different from him. The actor and comedian look more serious in real life, with his spot-on facial hair and a black suit he always wears.