The Tall and Short of It

Most bridges tend to be built several feet high up above the roads or grounds they are built over, but the bridge in this photo seems to be an exception to this popular belief. The bridge in this image seems a whole lot shorter on this particular side than it should be from this perspective.

The camera that snapped the photo at this degree took it from someplace that hid the forklift’s arm, giving the sense that the workers did not seem so high up off the ground. Either the bridge is built too short, or the workers are miniature figures of themselves.

It’s a Mirage!

The “Fata Morgana” is an optical illusion that got its name from a mythical Italian witch who conjured fake lands to lure sailors to their deaths, so make sure to get some of that travel insurance. The illusion here makes the boat far away appear to be levitating off the water.

Some people assume this trick helped popularize the legend of “The Flying Dutchman”. This illusion does not only seem to work on water; desert nomads and voyagers throughout history claim to see things during their journeys on the desert as well that can be attributed to this particular optical illusion.

Just Another Brick in the Wall

This tree visual seems to be the result of many bricks in the wall pushed further in, but a highly capable street artist in truth deserves the credit for his skills of darkening the bricks to a certain degree that would fool viewers into thinking that they had been pushed in.

Maybe that mailbox covered in graffiti in the foreground of the photo is writhing with envy at the fact that that artist did not make it look as beautiful as like the brick wall. Maybe it feels like it is the lone eyesore of the image.

A Simple Circle

Optical illusions do not always have to be so complex; simple ones like in the photo above work just as well for the viewers as do complicated street art. The bars in this railing have been expertly arched to the east to mimic the impression of a 3D circle.
This railing does not really bulge at all, like carefully planned money management. The world would become a bit more baffling for everyone but exciting as well if all useful hurdles bore a similar aesthetic to the railing featured in the picture taken above.

Figure Eight

If you even think of including this card in your deck, it could mess you up in the middle of a game of cards. If you pay close attention to this one, you could spot a hidden eight in the middle of the card which appears to have been formed by the diamonds printed on it.
Try to mention this little tidbit to your friends the next time you decide to play any game of cards just so that you can take credit for the ownership of such a unique card. This could be quite the conversation starter.

Follow the Dot

If you just so happen to be scrolling through your feed and see this image, you could think that this is a GIF. If you give this picture the attention of a lawyer, you’ll find that this is just another optical illusion, if not one of the strangest made out there.

You can force your eyes to look at the image as a whole and see no dots, but regardless of how you look at it, you can’t find only one dot at a time; they appear at nearly every crossing, so how is that even possible? I would like to think that it is all thanks to magic.

Give Your Phone a Little Shake

Try shaking your phone or tablet if you are reading this piece on one. Did you notice the effect that your shaking made on the image? The Oreo on top of the cake in the picture appears to jiggle as though it has been placed on some Jell-O. If this were a house shaking in the middle of an earthquake, it would need some serious roof repair.
This honestly seems to have weirded me out since I am not a fan of Jell-O, but I did start to crave for it. Maybe I might even head out to buy some for myself.

See-Through Stone

Typically I do not think that I can ever comprehend the true extent of our ancestors’ talent and skill, but if not for the modern technology we now have at our disposal, I do not think that we could even recreate something this exquisite even at present.

The Italian artist Antonio Corradini was the sculptor responsible for carving this sculpture that depicts a barenaked woman that appears to be covered in a seemingly translucent sheet. For this amazing piece of work that doubles as an optical illusion, this man truly deserves the credit and the acclaim that it already receives.

Underwater Waterfall

From this point of view, this appears to be a waterfall found to be flowing underwater, but the truth is a lot less exciting. This is in fact a sandfall, not a waterfall. The illusion brought about by the Le Morne Brabant peninsula located off the island nation of Mauritius is all thanks to sand runoff found in a profound route.

The sand and silt in this area are constantly being shoved down the plate’s boundary. This underwater event that seems to occur on the ocean’s flooring can easily fool our eyes into thinking that we are seeing a waterfall underwater when it is really a sandfall.

High Above the Clouds

It should not take long to convince anyone that this is the dream summer evening. The ethereal view is simply the stuff that dreams are made of. Nothing can compare to simply lying on the ground to gaze up at the clouds above, and this peacefully calm body of water wonderfully mirrors the sky above it.

The dreamy effect of this optical illusion does seem to convince us that the view is high up off the ground, with the rest of the world going about its own routine down below.

Maybe earning a great credit score can get us to a place like this.