Linear Trickery

Here in this image, we have the so-called Ponzo illusion put to work in the real world. While the two red lines measure the same in size, there are several elements in the background like poor electricity that make one of the lines seem to appear bigger than the other.

If you do not want to believe us, try tipping your head for a different perspective of the lines and observe them better or maybe you can grab a ruler nearby and measure them with it. Have you gone mad yet?

The Ol’ Floating Boat Trick

This boat appears to be levitating in mid-air, but it’s really only doing its job of staying afloat on a body of water, quite like an investment earning over time thanks to good investment planning. This optical illusion works well because of the water’s near-transparency. The water is so clear that you can even find the shadow of the boat at the bottom creeping underneath it.
This see-through quality seems to bring the shadow on top of the water with the vessel right above it. We’re pretty sure they’re not built to fly. Just see the person at the edge dangling his legs over into the water if you still don’t believe us!

Cross-Legged Archway

The Delicate Arch which can be found near Moab, Utah appears sinuous, but the smaller size of the side which is facing closer to the camera compared to the other much farther side only makes the illusion so.

Your mind might perceive the smaller side of the arch to be situated some distance away, which could explain why the archway appears as a pair of crossed legs. This is a manner of a lawyer’s point of view, but we do feel like our own eyes are fooling us!

Hidden Man

Can you find the man camouflaged against the bags? Try focusing your attention to the center of the photo, and you should be able to find his silhouette. Believe us, he has hidden himself pretty well here, well enough to maybe even hide from his own student loans. This illusion has boggled the minds of many since its first release.

If you could focus your attention to the pink bag in the middle of the bottom row, you could make out the man’s feet. From there, you can move your gaze upwards to find the rest of his body. Incredible, right?

Makeup Mayhem

Our eyes can’t seem to rest easy with this photo, but it is just so hard to not look at it. This Vancouver, B.C. makeup artist has her own Instagram account where she takes credit for the other unreal looks she uploads there like the one above.

She has given this particular look the title of “onion girl” since she has managed to paint layers upon layers of her own face onto it. With only makeup in her arsenal, she creates these realistic characteristics beside her own facial features. It seems frighteningly real to us. This woman has nothing on lawyers with briefcases full of evidence.

A Rock in a Hard Place

Can you find it? Try giving it a little more time. Here is a hint: can you find the little rock situated on top of the brick that is a bit tinier than the other bricks around it?

That brick is not any different in size. Someone who may have probably been bummed from his mortgage rates must have popped a cigar into the brick wall through the bricks, so the “rock” is really just the burnt end of the cigar. Now that just seems to quite a thinker.

To See the World in a Blade of Grass

A French artist who goes by the name of Francois Abelanet deserves all the credit for the earthy art installation which he has given the title of Qui Croire?, which means, “who to believe?” when it is translated to English from the original French.

The angle from which the picture was taken makes the artwork seem ordinarily small, but the piece actually covers a huge area of 3,500 square feet of turf, dirt, and straw. This globe-shaped artwork made of grass would seem to be a huge, uneven, and strangely-shaped garden if the photo were taken from another angle.

2D Building?

This building may appear to be a flat slice of cemented structure from this perspective, but it does house several residents inside it. Unlike what many would seem to think, your beloved cartoon characters do not retire here at the end of the day when their shows are done airing on TV for the day or the night.

The building has been built with a triangular base and continues the triangular shape all the way to its roofing and then on top of it, which would probably explain the disappearance of its sides from this particular point of view.

A Dip in the Road

This confusing flooring choice may just control how slowly people should walk down this passageway as they make their way through this particular corridor. Casual passersby might just be able to walk on this floor with more caution if it appears to have a dramatic dip in it. If the picture above were taken from another point of view, no one would be able to notice anything different about it.

We should use optical illusions more if we want to get people to follow the rules more strictly.

Optical Artistry

This mural which can be found painted onto the side of an apartment building found in Sherbrooke, Quebec appears to portray an adjustable wall panel which looks like it is hiding a wide-open space inside it unlike its concrete exterior.

We can only dream that all apartment buildings would appear this welcoming to everyone who even manages to catch a glimpse of it. Canada’s authorities sure know how to permit and create street art on this amazing on various infrastructure. We wish we can have one like this painted onto any one side of our homes, to some degree at least.