These Stars Are Still Alive And Just Like We Remembered


Start her career at the very young age of 4 was not all roses for this actress. Tracey Gold’s four younger sisters are all actors, and Gold’s stepfather was also an actor before, but he chose to become a Hollywood agent in his later development. Tracey Gold first appeared in Pepsi’s print ads, but unfortunately, the Coke series she shot was later canceled.

Whilst she was successful at portraying Carol Seaver on Growing Pains during the 1980s, her personal life was going downhill. She developed an eating disorder that’s attributed to the jokes made about her on the show and also partly due to the societal demands for actresses to look a certain way. She had to be medically treated for this issue and was even publicly outed for having this condition. To her credit, she managed to get better and was able to focus on her career once more.