Celebrities who are Outrageously Rich—You Won’t Believe Just How Rich Some of Them Are!

Celebrities—they’re always assumed to be rich. But it would be a folly to paint them all with the same brush. Yes, most of them are rich, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that some of them will manage more than a few lifetimes with the wealth they have on hand. But not all are equally rich because some of them border on the level of being insanely rich, with lawyers and financial advisors working round the clock to cater to their every wealth-making scheme. Read on to find out just how big the wealth chasm is between us and these denizens of Hollywood, as well as between themselves.


If Cameron had her way when she was young, she probably wouldn’t be sitting on $140 million today. That is because she said that even at a young age, she always wanted to be a zoologist. Have you seen any multi-millionaire zoologists lately? Me neither. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure some zoologists are rich, but let’s face it, it’ll be much easier for someone with Diaz’s perfect bone structure to be swimming in cash by making it in Hollywood.

She was well known as an actress, Now think back to her masterpiece. She starred in The Mask which was an Academy Award-nominated film, finally, this film earned $350 million. She acted in My Best Friend’s Wedding, which was a big hit that earned $299.99 million over the world. Currently, though, Diaz seems to have shied away from the spotlight and taken up writing. And judging from the fact that her books are highly rated on Amazon, we think she’s found some degree of success in writing, too.