You were attacked by a Dog

If you watched Harry Potter, you know that the Grimm, depicted as a scary dog, is a symbol of death. Seeing one, even in a dream, is said to be a bad omen that presages the imminent death of someone close to you. But on the flip side, if you dreamed that you were attacked by a dog, perhaps pinned to the flooring by the canine, it can mean that you are very faithful to your partner.

Dogs are man’s best friends, so if you are attacked by one in your dream, it could be a warning you need to be careful and rethink the amount of love you are giving to the people around you, especially your partner. Either you are giving too much or too little. Either way, it calls for reflection, and for you to figure out how you can improve the relationship further, so t. Think of what you can contribute and add to the relationship.