What Your Dreams Might Be Telling You

You look around you, and all you see is a misty environment. The fog is everywhere, and an eerie feeling is in the air — there’s no light and no electricity anywhere. You feel scared and you want to run. You want to shout, but your voice has escaped you. Then you wake up. It was just a dream. Everyone sleeps, and therefore everyone dreams. We all experience good and bad dreams. But did you know that dreams can mean something? They say that dreams are subconscious manifestations of your fears and desires. While we don’t remember most of our dreams, studies show that during the stage of sleep called rapid eye movement, we dream about six times. We usually remember dreams right after waking up, so if you are curious about what they mean, try to write them down right away. Many of us do not know what these dreams mean, but experts like sleep specialists and psychologists have come up with interpretations for some of the most common dreams people have. Read on to find out what your dream last night meant!

You Dreamed about a Loved One

If the dream is about a loved one, it usually means that you are passionate about this particular person. Remember that dreams are said to be manifestations of the subconscious. There are many variations to this dream. It could be a deceased loved one visiting you in the dream, which means that you love that person dearly. It could also be an indication of guilt, maybe because you did not spend that much time with the departed. On the other hand, dreaming of a partner can serve as a warning. To some degree, the brain could be warning you that you are not as in love with that person anymore. But if everything is normal, these types of dreams are usually no cause for concern.

You were attacked by a Dog

If you watched Harry Potter, you know that the Grimm, depicted as a  scary dog,  is a symbol of death. Seeing one, even in a dream, is said to be a bad omen that presages the imminent death of someone close to you. But on the flip side, if you dreamed that you were attacked by a dog, perhaps pinned to the flooring by the canine, it can mean that you are very faithful to your partner. Dogs are man’s best friends, so if you are attacked by one in your dream, it could be a warning you need to be careful and rethink the amount of love you are giving to the people around you, especially your partner. Either you are giving too much or too little. Either way, it calls for reflection, and for you to figure out how you can improve the relationship further.

You dreamed of water

Water can drown a person. Water, when heated, can also turn to gas, signifying escape. So when you dream of water, it can mean that you are overwhelmed and would rather disappear into thin air. It can also mean that you feel unloved by relatives or those close to you. You probably want to escape something. In general, dreams of floods or large bodies of water point to the heavy emotions a dreamer is carrying. When you dream of this, it is best to unload your feelings to a trusted person who can walk you through in identifying which emotions are causing you pain and what steps you can take. It is always best to open up so you won’t be suppressing emotions that can drown you and lead you to develop mental health issues.

You dream of Dying

If you dream that you are dead or dying, it could signal that something is about to end in your life. It does not necessarily mean that you or someone close to you will die, but that a chapter, a segment, is about to close. If during the dream, you feel at ease, it could mean that you have accepted it would happen. For example, we can all be anxious when we leave school and graduate, so sometimes, we dream right before graduation that we died. We still have student loans to pay for so; we cannot die yet. But the transition phase is a turbulent time, so that is probably why you dreamed of dying. In any case, dreams like this aren’t typically a cause for concern.

You dream of an animal in the garden

It does not have to be a garden per se, but if you see an animal in your dream, it could mean that you are anxious about how you behave socially. You might be having anxiety about not being accepted by other people or are scared that you are behaving in a way that offends others. An animal also symbolizes your intuition and your ability to assert yourself, as well as your confidence. So if you dream about this, think of what has affected your confidence or your view of yourself lately. You are usually more than you give yourself credit for. There might also be a need to improve on a couple of behaviors so that you can feel more socially skilled. And, most importantly, you have to define yourself, and not let others do.

You dream of cars or vehicles

Generally, cars or vehicles in a dream tend to mean nothing. But if the dream involves crashing a car, it could be the brain signaling that you lack self-confidence. This means that you need to attend to, or put more focus on your mental and emotional health. Frequently, worrying about losing a job, a house over an unpaid mortgage or a partner can result in car crash dreams. It is not the end of course, as you can still work your way out. You can either do actions to prevent what you are afraid of or make steps so that you will be prepared to handle it when it happens. Either way, you can fix it. As they say, your reaction to a stressful event is what defines you, not the event itself.

You dreamed of teeth falling out

This is perhaps one of the most common dreams. At one point, everyone has experienced this because we all had teeth falling out as young kids. The teeth symbolize your confidence and self-control. So when you dream of them being pulled out, it can mean that you are either losing control or you think you are losing control of the many issues in your life. To put it more simply, you feel overwhelmed. In cases like this, the best response is to sit down and think of how you can address your problems one by one, prioritizing those that can be done quickly so that you will have small wins. You can also list down the regrets you have and start facing them. It will be difficult, but with the right degree of grit and determination, you can overcome these and not crumble down.

You dream of an airplane crash

We all have deadlines and projects that we work on daily. Excessive worrying about them can cause you to dream of an airplane crash. The airplane symbolizes the projects or plans you are working on. And, typically, the bigger the plane, the bigger the plan or project. Perhaps it is the insurance client you had been trying to close, or another project that has gone awry that is worrying you. You probably think you will not be able to land the plane, arguably the most challenging part of operating an aircraft. But just like pilots who can undergo training, the best way forward is for you to figure out a way to make the project succeed. You can ask for advice, upskill yourself or ask help from those who you can trust.

You dream of being trapped

This is as literal as a dream could get. If you dream that you are trapped somewhere, it is because you feel trapped in your current situation. The cliché goes that you are in between a rock and a hard place. It could mean that your relationship, work, or job is trapping you and not giving you any wiggle room. So the next time you dream of being in a small space, think of what is holding you back. There may not be anything we can do about some situations, but to a degree, we can control how we react to them. If the current situation does not improve, we can always lay out a plan for ourselves to get out of the situation.

You dream of birds

You hear birds chirping from either a tree or the house’s roofing. Then you realize it’s just a dream and become curious about what it means. Dreaming of birds typically means that you long for someone and want to hear from them. During the old days, ravens were used to bring messages to and from people. You also see this in Merlin where Morgana usually sends messages through crows. The same goes in the Old Testament, where two birds were asked by Noah to gather information about the then-flooded Earth. Birds have come to symbolize information being passed around. Missing someone you have not heard from in a long time can be quite stressful. What you can do in these instances is to reach out first, if you have not done so yet.