Spa Treatments That Are Out Of This World

It’s time to give up your idea of ever finding the Fountain of Youth. For one, it’s a mythical concept. It only feeds our fantasy that by merely bathing in the magical spring waters, your youthfulness shall be restored. Wacky, right? But did you know that there are plenty of wacky ways used in real life that allegedly fight against aging? One of them is a spa treatment. Sure, go ahead and roll your eyes and tell me that a spa treatment is not weird at all. But what if I tell you that there’s a wide variety of spa and facial treatments— and most of them have a degree of bizarreness about them? Like a snake massage, the bird poo facial, and even using bee venom? Yes, sounds freaky. But a lot of people are paying money for these unusual spa treatments all for the name of youth and beauty!

Spa treatments claim to have plenty of benefits. Apart from anti-aging, spa treatments can be focused on de-stressing, or to relieve aches and pains, improve blood circulation, or promote better sleep, and some even say, boost your happiness. Here are 32 crazy spa and facial treatments for your entertainment if not for your well-being!

Spread bird poo on your face

The idea of spreading fecal matter on your face as treatment sure sounds like a stinky idea. Gross, right? But this is actually a real thing. The bird poo facial is of Japanese which dates back to the 17th century. It’s known by many names, such as Uguisu No Fun (yeah, doesn’t sound fun!), Geisha Facial, and Nightingale Droppings Facial. Those who’ve tried the facial treatment swear that it is effective in brightening your skin, shrinking your pores, hydrating your skin, crediting the natural product for their overall youthful appearance.

There’s a Japanese company that officially sells bird poo for your skincare needs. They filter the unnecessary stuff from the bird poop to just provide their clientele with only the essential shit ingredients for glowing skin!

Feed the fish with your skin dirt

If you are too lazy to exfoliate the skin on your feet and ankles, why not let the fish do it? A spa treatment in London offers just that: submerge your feet in water filled with Garra rufa fish, also known as the red garra, to munch on your dead skin. Don’t be scared, they are not piranhas. These derma fishies are toothless, actually, but their mouths are naturally designed to be suction-shaped so they can nibble away on your feet, scrub them clean, and even take away your eczema or psoriasis.

Also credited as Doctor Fish, these sea creatures exist in spa resorts in many countries around the world. However, some people frown at this practice and call it “unsanitary.”

Healing cacti

Just the mere sound of “cactus massage” sounds rather painful. Imagine being pricked by so many needles! But, in reality, it’s not. It’s a painless procedure simply because the cactus that will be used to massage you, which is nopal cactus, are already needle-free. The needles are first yanked out of the leaf or the paddle, then heated in warm water before they are rubbed on your skin for detoxification and hydration. Oooh, the idea feels so relaxing already. The process is even credited to cure sunburns!

Before you think of recreating this treatment from the comfort of your home, stop. Leave it to the experts. Officially called the Hakali cactus massage, the exotic spa treatment can be availed at the Four Seasons in Mexico.

Get me some baby food—for my face

Hey, parents! Here’s some good news for you. Parenting can be super hard work and can instantly age you. You can’t even find the time to pick up a hairbrush or look at yourself in the mirror. In fact, you avoid any shiny surface that reflects your face and its many degrees of exhaustion.

Here’s a tip: while feeding your little tyke with baby food—those that come in tiny jars in various flavors—stay as close to your baby as possible. If your kid throws the food on your face, don’t wipe it off. Spread them evenly on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose and leave the concoction for 30 minutes. Baby food facial DIY! In no time, you’ll be sporting that youthful glow and clear skin that may even beat your teenage neighbor’s skin!

Sting me, honeybee!

Ooh, sounds scary – or sounds like it’s been lifted from some dark comic book narrative. Imagine bee venom entering your system and turning you into a bee. Kidding. The bee venom is collected by scaring the daylights of the bees that are hanging out alongside a glass. This beauty poison is anaphylactic, causing your facial muscles to relax and create a taut and clearer complexion. Think of it as a natural botox.

Remember, this is not DIY, so don’t go hunting for beehives to steal their precious venom extract. Just go to any beauty and skincare boutique and you’ll find bee venom sheet masks being sold. This natural facial mask stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin, erasing those age-betraying fine lines and wrinkles!

Seaweed delight

Imagine those warm summer days when you used to excitedly head to the ocean to swim, only to be bothered by floating seaweeds. Annoying, right? But do not underestimate the power of these marine algae. You actually need them to moisturize and nourish your skin. Seaweed naturally contains vitamin E and can even help in plumping up your skin and remove those fine lines like what your Snapchat filter does.

A lot of beauty brands are already supplying seaweed masks, just choose from your trusted company. Sometimes these products are formulated with various degrees of clay to boost its skincare power. The seaweed mask is usually left on the face for 10 to 15 minutes, absorbing all your skin’s impurities and radical pollutants.

Turn your face into a kitty litter

Just the mere idea makes you puke. Kitty litters are some of the worst-smelling things on the planet. Now, can you handle the concept of kitty litter facial? All for the name of beauty? Before you freak out, of course, I am talking about kitty litter without the urine and the feces. But don’t blame yourself if you initially thought that. I led you to that thought because we’re on the topic of crazy spa and facial treatments.

Beauty vlogger Michelle Phan caught the attention of netizens when she shared on her YouTube channel her DIY kitty litter facial mask. Which is made of unscented kitty litter. It inspired both admiration and a degree of skepticism from observers.  Phan said she felt a “clearing effect,” but experts are against it and call it unsafe.

Wear your gold like a face powder

Feel like royalty and put on a solid-gold sheet mask. You have probably seen this solid gold facial mask trend on Instagram, and the sight is undoubtedly impressive. Close-up shots of skin flecked with gold. This unusual facial treatment credits its benefits to the ancient healing powers of gold. This decadent skincare regimen will, according to experts, leave you looking like a queen, as it boosts your natural collagen as well as your skin’s microcirculation. It will leave your skin energized and glowing!

It is also claimed that this luxurious 24k gold sheet mask reduces fine wrinkles, making you look younger than you actually are. It was rumored that Cleopatra is fond of this specific facial mask treatment and sleeps with a literal golden face.

Rub that stone against my skin, please!

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to rub your cheek against wealth? I mean, specifically, feeling a semi-precious stone against your skin. Like the violet quartz amethyst. Well, the ancient Greeks beat you into it. They used to wear amethyst or fashioned drinking cups out of amethyst because they believed it would prevent them from suffering intoxication.

Considered as a healing stone, this dazzling and opulent stone has other varying degrees of beauty and skincare benefits. It is said to oxygenate your skin, improve circulation, reduce puffiness, remove the impurities, and detoxify it, and as a result, you will be left with a brighter and healthier complexion. Kiss your dull skin goodbye and embrace your new—and younger-looking—self!

Wrap your face with a tin foil

After an epic night out, it is only natural that your skin will end up super puffy, riddled with impurities, and maybe red splotches from irritants. So it is best, at this point, to avoid looking at a mirror, because believe me, your self-esteem will be greatly affected.

But thanks to the invention of the tin foil facial mask, you can now breathe life back into your zombie-like skin. This facial treatment is so easy, not to mention cheap, too, that you’d be thanking your lucky stars that this skincare trick exists. It temporarily tightens your pores and provides your skin with an astonishing degree of smoothness and brightness. So go ahead and party like there’s no tomorrow because the tin foil mask always saves the day!