Wanting Seafood

Wanting to eat seafood, just like craving for something salty, can mean a deficiency of some nutrients or minerals that your body needs. However, we think that it is the protein that the body is signaling for the most. But also it could also be credited to the lack of iodine in the body. This craving, though, can also be a sign to make eating seafood as part of your lifestyle. Seafood is already a healthy choice of diet in many forms. So to fill up your body’s need, load up with some cuts of meat or poultry, or some protein substitute for the vegans. It is also best practice to check your source of fresh seafood catch as the freshness is necessary for keeping the food good to eat.


Manifesting psoriasis can be similar to dry skin, only that psoriasis has a higher degree of seriousness and severity. Dryness of skin, scaling on areas such as the arms, elbows, and other hidden parts is a sure and clear signal that something is not good or right in your system. The occurrence of psoriasis is indicative of the body’s cry for vitamins and or minerals. Usually, Vitamins A and C are a common deficiency in people manifesting this symptom. To recover from psoriasis and prevent it from appearing again, your regular diet has to include the following fruits: apricots, carrots, or oranges. Also, in recovering, refrain from scratching to avoid further damage or infection that can get very ugly and even life-threatening in some severe cases.

Increased Desire For Sour Food And/Or Beverages

For pregnant women, issues of hormonal changes are normal and can result in them craving for sour food or desiring fancy beverages which can be tangy in flavor. Pregnant women have an increased degree of craving for these sour food, and it would be hard for their husbands to refuse their wishes, as they can get very persistent in wanting to take some. As these cravings are sour, it also follows that the food or drink can stimulate organs such as the liver and gall bladder. Controlling the intake of such items is a must to avoid serious conditions. Although some pregnant women don’t experience the same level of craving, this desire also applies to those who aren’t pregnant but go through hormonal issues.

You Feel Lazy All The Time

There are times when, despite sleeping for long hours already, you still wake up feeling tired and lacking the energy to get yourself to work. Getting tired is normal, especially after a 10-hour work schedule, but it’s different and a more serious matter when you wake up from a long sleep and still don’t have the energy. In cases of lethargy wherein this degree occurs, it is a clear indication that the bod has a need to be addressed. You might want to consider doing yoga or some stretching to charge up your body. Studies show that exposing your body to these exercises can get your body the jumpstart it needs for the day, and eating a hearty breakfast can boost your energy.

Cannot Concentrate For More Than 15 Minutes

Concentration problems are more typical for kids. But older kids and adults who find it hard to focus on something for at least 15 minutes can indicate some physical or mental health problems. As a start, the manifestation of this is most likely due to the brain needing a boost. Exercise or stretching can be vital in boosting brain activity as well as getting proper sleep. Doing some routines daily or several times in a week can get the oxygen running in your head and improve your focusing power. Also, some brain-boosting remedies can also be credited with eating the right food, such as fatty fish, blueberries, chocolates, broccoli, or coffee. Not only do they only boost the brain, but they also enhance memory.

Difficulty In Sleeping And Waking Up

When you find yourself having difficulty to sleep and wake up, there is a possibility that your body may not be functioning properly. Since sleeping is already a struggle, waking up from it becomes the same. Not to mention that the lack of sleep is also credited to a possible agitation as the pattern persists. As the signs mentioned are clear indications of something wrong in our body, it is best to address the problem by taking a few simple steps, such as eating a portion of balanced food, avoid drinking milk or coffee before you sleep. Taking a shower before you hit the bed and sipping green tea could also be a good idea. If the symptoms still persist, medical drugs might be needed. In which case, it is best to consult your doctor.

Skin Rash And Acne

Our skin also has a way of reflecting everything wrong on the inside. That is why when you notice how rashes are all over your skin and acne starts to break out, you might want to consider to check out what’s happening inside your body and what’s causing these breakouts to happen. Most of the time, these skin conditions have something to do with your body’s immune response triggered by your food intake and bad habits. Eating junk food, consuming less water, not sleeping on time, stress, and vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol can all be credited for the negative effects on the skin. Such a lifestyle will kiss your glowing skin goodbye and leave you dark circles and acne on your skin.

Upset Stomach

Getting an upset stomach every other day is not normal. Let alone having it every day and for no apparent reason. However, the first few days should already raise your alarm and cause you to recall or rundown what you have been consuming for the previous days. This symptom could be an indication of having weak digestion. Junk food and alcohol consumption has a lot to do with this symptom too. Being conscious of what goes inside our body is a good habit and can be credited for fair skin and a healthy overall system. It also protects many organs from toxins and their wear and tear. To repair, incorporate lots of fiber in your diet, and learn to love eating more fruits and soups that are healthy for your gut.

Heightened Consumption Of Sugary Foods

At some point, no matter how you want to starve your body of sugar, it will eventually ask for portions of sweets. That is just how amazing our body works. Our body is intelligent enough to solicit its needs and get into every system and parts of the nutrients and minerals they need. However, there is a difference between recognizing that sugar is needed by our body and heightened sugar consumption. The latter could be an indication that you are already consuming way beyond your body’s need, hence lacking proper diet. To combat sugar cravings, you may want to stick to a diet that is more on eating fresh and leafy greens. Also, drink lots and lots of water to wash out the sweets from your taste buds.

Blurred Vision And Migraine

You may still be young and doing well, but you might wake up with blurred vision and migraine one day. This could be a signal that your body is telling you something. As a blurry vision is hard not to notice, it should be worth your attention for you to check what’s going on. In most cases, after taking enough rest and doing all the natural remedies such as filling yourself with food and drinking lots of water, a doctor’s trip is a must. These symptoms should not be taken lightly, as they can be serious to the degree that it may be life-threatening. But for those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, this could mean that they just have low blood sugar.

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