Walmart’s Most Audacious Customers and Their Head-Turning Outfits (Or Lack of)

Walmart is an amazing place where you can find almost anything. Whatever you need is always there in one of the aisles, including your source of entertainment sometimes. As you do your groceries for next week’s supplies, you might run into some curious personalities who unapologetically flaunt their style. As you swipe your credit card to pay, they might even be lining up next to you. From outfits that are too much to those that may be too little, the costumes that Walmart customers sashay in are no doubt memorable. Here’s a list of the most audacious customers and their head-turning outfits!

Feeling Empowered

Body shaming is something that we look down upon. Women, especially, need to find their confidence despite their insecurities. Imperfections should be celebrated because they are what make you unique. Except, maybe, maintain a bit of modesty in public. We understand that flaunting your curves can be something that empowers you. However, wearing clothes that’s smaller than your actual size and without anything else on to cover it while in public may be a degree weirder than the usual statement outfit. Confidence is great, but we were picturing something different and a little less risqué in mind! After all, groceries are family-friendly places.

Stop Clowning Around

Clowns only have an appeal to a certain kind of audience. They may be a happy companion to have around, but they certainly are also the most unsettling. If you add a splatter of blood on their chest, they become the kind of people you must avoid if you pass by them on the street. This clown who wandered into the store does not look like he came from a party. We don’t want to know where he’s from, but whatever he’s been doing, it must have made him hungry. To his credit, he’s pretty serious about his job walking around the store looking like that.

Pants-less Season

We’re not sure whether the next person on our list did this on purpose or if they totally forgot to wear pants. Perhaps they decided to just wing it because they surely look unbothered despite not wearing any bottoms. If this is a statement, then we’re not sure what point they are trying to make, but if this is style then this is one trend that won’t last long. They looking at the hardware section now but let’s hope they’ll check out the clothes later. A good pair of trousers would be good investment. Maybe add a pair of shorts or jogging pants, as well.

Undies and a Belt

The endless show of underwear does not stop. We give this woman credit for being so liberated and brave! She topped her bra and panties off with a white tank top that she scrunched up just below her bra line. She then accessorized with a belt around her waist and a cowboy hat on her head. She even has a bag to complete the look. Maybe she’s going to a themed party but who knows what that theme is. The bag of sour cream chips she’s lining up to pay for hints doesn’t really provide clues and only deepens the mystery.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

If this song rings a bell for you, then you’re not alone. Britney Spears’ iconic look in the song’s music video took a wrong turn when this guy wore it as his grocery-shopping outfit. A plaid long-sleeved shirt tied just below the chest, exposing his glorious belly makes the pop star look. He might as well start dancing once the flooring is cleared for him. There is one hint here that gives him away– check the corner of the photo. It must be Halloween time and he’s wearing a costume. Does running into Walmart to get last-minute candy necessarily have to be done with his shirt like this, though?

His and Hers

We’re usually big fans of cute couple shirts and costumes that make romantic duos an instant relationship goal. For example, matching outfits usually make the pair stand out, and in this next photo these two definitely did. They’re in matching nudity in the middle of a grocery store. They might have decided to wear nothing but underwear to the supermarket, but they were clever enough to remember shoes for their trip. They should visit the clothes section after and cover up a bit more. Where do they even put cash in these outfits?  What about a credit card? It really is baffling.

Southern Exposure

Wearing a shirt, a sweater, and a miniskirt to the supermarket doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? All is well until you see that the skirt is too short for her. Nowadays, it’s wonderful how women can flaunt their bodies in the style that they choose, but this girl has to know that though she’s trying to be stylish, her private parts are exposed. There’s a chance that the degree to which she expresses her trendiness borders on risqué, but there’s also a chance that she has no idea that she’s so bare her butt cheeks are giving everyone an awkward hello!

Bikini Babes

Let’s take a break from the highly inappropriate outfits on our list so far and look appreciate this sweet pair. These fashionable folks are sporting matching t-shirts, which are printed bikinis on them. The shirts create an illusion that they are wearing the bikinis themselves, which makes them look so cute together! It’s a simple look, but we love the humor it brings.

As we age, we naturally gain weight which is why we make an investment to take care of our health while we’re young. These two, however, show that there’s no age limit to having fun. We’re sure that it keeps both of them youthful.

You Nailed It!

Toenails are not the usual body parts that we like to keep long but in Walmart, a curious customer can be spotted flaunting the unusually long nails on her feet. The nails have grown so long that they almost look painful to look at. We think she’s been featured in a world record somewhere; otherwise, why would she put herself in so much pain? The nails are probably really hard and heavy. Though, it probably saves her a bit of investment money when it comes to purchasing expensive shoes. With toenails like these, sandals are definitely the way to go.

Pretty in Pink

In this modern world that we live in, we often promote living out our true selves. This can be expressed in many different ways, including cross dressing. This man is sporting a neon pink top, short shorts, and a fabulous pair of bright pink stiletto boots. The boots are in a pretty Barbie color and are certainly flashier than what most women would wear. Clearly, he is very adventurous with his choice of footwear. Can you imagine other fun stuff he wears outside of grocery shopping? We hope he doesn’t end up having problems with the flooring, while he sashays around!

(Almost) Naked Run

It’s a wonder how this man was allowed to enter the store, really. He is in nothing but a thong. We imagine he might have been on the beach lounging around when he remembered he had to run to Walmart to pick something up. So he stood up and drove to the supermarket – without changing and simply grabbed his credit card and glasses then went on his way. Following our imagined scenario, we’re sure he has every intention to go back to tanning on the beach. No hate here, but really Walmart? Maybe they should put up a “no clothes no entry” sign.

Set a Good Example

They say teaching them while they’re young is always a good investment. This father wanted to be a good role model for his daughter. Since his little girl wanted to wear short shorts like the girls on TV, her dad saw an opportunity for a lesson. She is still too young to be dressing a certain way so he made sure that she understands exactly what he means. We wonder how the discussion between these two went. It’ll be a story that his daughter will remember even when she gets older. Props to pops for handling this in a humorous way, though!

The Cutout

When ladies confuse shirts for dresses, they always end up in unflattering situations. This woman, however, may have thought that she looked good in what she was wearing. She turned a cut-out tank top into a dress and only wore a skimpy thong to cover her behind. Either she truly thought this was a great outfit or she completely forgot to wear pants like in our other photos! We know unique pieces are a bit tricky, but it definitely does not take a fashion degree to know when you should put on pants. Her body looks great but it’s too revealing for the grocery store.

Potty Training

Accidents happen. For the unlucky few, it’s embarrassing toilet-related accidents that happen. Either way, you’ve got to deal with the consequences and try to move on. In this case, however, dealing with the consequences does not mean continuing with your errands and walking around the store like nothing happened. The elephant in the room is even more pronounced because it is imprinted on white sweatpants. If this is not a fresh accident, then that’s more tolerable, but why on earth would she wear it not fully washed? She should head on to the laundry aisle and make an investment towards getting it cleaned or replaced.

Shameless Plug

We’ve all got skeletons in our closets. Some guys do what they do in private when no one else is around, but others just love to flaunt their “personal” hobbies. Such is the case with this Walmart customer. He is probably a constant client of this world-famous site, which is why he owns the merchandise in the first place. This man shows no shame and even took his gear to the supermarket, even though it’s supposed to be friendly to all ages – kids included. The degree to which he shamelessly advertises his favorite website is further highlighted by how big the words printed on the bag are.

Christmas x4

Whenever Christmastime comes by, there is always a flurry of activity and everyone is dressed in red. Whatever our take may be on certain things, the holiday spirit always brings us together. Look at this customer, for example. He’s a punk guy but he’s dressed in a Santa costume. Not only is he in the famous red suit, but he’s also adjusted the headgear to fit his own style. Who knew a Mohawk could accommodate up to four Santa hats! We give this guy credit for innovation and team spirit while preserving his individuality. He gets plus points for spreading cheer at the grocery.

Shopping for Magic

If you see a guy wearing a seemingly medieval cloak to the store, one thing that could pop into your mind would be that he’s either serious or cosplaying. Perhaps he simply ran out of coats or thought it would be fun to go to the shops dressed like a magical character. Either way, it is quite an enchanting thing to find such a character in a mundane place like the grocery. It plays with your imagination and lends a sense of wonder to your day.  Do you think wizards have credit cards? We wonder what kind of mysterious potion he’s making.

Socks are Enough

We’re not sure what goes in people’s heads when they decide to go to the store naked. The ones before may have had some underwear on, but this guy is completely nude – apart from his black socks. A Walmart staff even approached him to try and make him a bit more decent, but it’s obvious that he preferred his birthday suit. If someone sues him for public nudity, we wonder what his lawyer might say in defense. “At least he left his socks on” could be a possible argument—even though it’s an awfully weak one and much like this guy’s antics, distasteful as well.

Pink Bunny Negotiations

Returning a product, for some, can be quite embarrassing. It could either be because the product is damaged or you purchased the wrong one. Whatever the reason might be, it will demand negotiation and this can be a little bit stressful. It could come to a point wherein you would just want to hide your face. We’re assuming this is what’s happening in the photo. But an entire costume just to return an item seems a bit much. Then again, we have seen some of the strangest outfits that people have worn to Walmart. This is a degree tamer than a lot of them combined!

Meat Funeral

People seem to choose Walmart for exhibiting their weirdest ideas. This is one of those. Whether done for fun or as a statement, it certainly is attention-grabbing. Imagine finding two people in animal masks acting out a drama in the meat aisle. We have to give them credit for their guts though and giving people an impromptu show. It is no Shakespeare or Webber, but this funeral scene straight out of someone’s surrealist fantasy wins points for shock-value. Besides, we’re sure most people got a good laugh from it. We’d likely react in the same way, too, after we get over the initial surprise.

Catch a Pokémon

People who choose less than usual clothing to go grocery shopping usually get stares from other customers. Costumes around Walmart are a great source of entertainment as it is, but when you add a tiny human to the mix, it gets even more entertaining. Take this little Pikachu waiting in line to swipe his credit card (or his mom’s) for example. His parents deserve props for playing along as well. The adorable trio definitely brings to mind the good old times when the game Pokémon Go was such a fad! We hope no one tried to catch this cutie, though.

Pure Artistry

All the world’s a stage and on it, you can wear your best costume. Showing off your style and “sweeping” the flooring of Walmart with it is not uncommon at all. These styles has had many variations in the past few years, but this might be our favorite. She is dressed up in a white printed t-shirt, white turban, a red necklace, a red tutu skirt, white pants, furry red leg warmers, and black shoes. To top it off, he even has one red horn. We don’t know what she’s trying to pull off, but we cannot deny that seeing her actually brightened up our day!

Just a Normal Day

We’re not sure why some people choose to wear costumes to Walmart or why they seem to feel it’s a safe space for them to express their outfit dreams. Take this guy wearing a Sumo wrestler suit for example. Although it’s a little bit strange to see on a regular day, he doesn’t seem to be bothered. In fact, he’s on his phone and being very casual about it. The degree of confidence is enviable. It makes you wonder if he does this on a regular basis or if this happened to be a special occasion. Perhaps he’s on his way to costume party?

Mobile Dating Ad

Dating can become frustrating for some. You can go online to find someone or you can rely on your friends to set you up with someone they know. Either way, it can only go two ways: success or failure. One thing that not a lot of people have tried, though, is this guy’s approach. He made himself walking dating advertisement by writing “any single females want a good man text me” on his shirt. He then put his plan into motion by parading himself at the supermarket. It’s a pretty smart move – depending on how the women perceive it. He gets credit for guts and wits.

A Bedazzled Ankle

Most people who just got out of jail sometimes need to wear an ankle monitor. Staying at home is the preferred option for them but when they need to go out, they typically try to hide the device.  This lady seems to be proud of hers, though. She has even chosen to adorn hers with gems and glitters. On top of that, it is smugly exposed for all the good people of Walmart to see. Thanks to her creativity, it did become slightly classier, just like any other jewelry someone would wear. We wonder what her attorney would think about this makeover, though.

Walking Down the Aisle

Weddings are always a dream. The scene of a bride walking down the aisle in her lovely dress that she took forever to choose, is one that is very emotional and heartwarming for any viewer. Of course, when we say aisle we didn’t mean the grocery aisle. This couple, for some reason, went shopping together—though they didn’t coordinate their outfits well. We know that the wedding dress is a huge investment but, using it to the grocery store is pretty extreme. Is it possible that this bride was on her way to church and stopped for a snack here first?

Sick Hero

When a Transformer walks into the store, you should know something isn’t right. It’s a scene straight out of a fanboy or fangirl’s dream. We wonder if this is the right medication for them, though. Shouldn’t they head to a service station instead? We can’t have a sick hero battling unearthly villains to protect the planet! We wonder if Transformers get insurance plans as well. At the very least, he should get a superhero discount for the medicine he’s buying. Saving the world isn’t a walk in the park, you know. Kidding aside, this person deserves kudos for putting a smile on people’s faces that day.

Holey Shirt

We can’t be too sure if this shirt was intentionally sold this way. It looks like a DIY project, honestly. This person probably took an old t-shirt and cut holes through it—for style points. We’re think they got a little too eager with the scissors, though. By the looks of things, that t-shirt had more holes than actual fabric. We wonder if he’s feeling chilly with it on. Style and sense didn’t really work together for this particular design. Perhaps it’s time this person took online classes for fashion. It would definitely help them with improving their future creations.

Cowboy Boots Guy

This guy definitely caught the attention of many. Everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit everywhere, but he chose to be in raunchy cowboy gear. It already is a risqué outfit, but to wear it to the grocery to pick up some fruit? We think that’s a bit too festive, even for the season. Was he on his way to a Christmas party? Perhaps this is simply his personal style. In any case, it elevated grocery store fashion a degree higher and w’re all for it. A little harmless fun with dressing up never hurt anyone—at least, he’s got his private bits covered.

Crimson, Sleek, and Polished

After all the inappropriate and bizarre looks we’ve seen, we close this list with someone looking incredibly sleek. Though his outfit is still out of place, we give him props for looking sharp and polished in his rose-colored suit. His tails are on point and he is definitely head-turning. Imagine a crimson Alexander Hamilton walking by the produce section. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? We wonder if he’ll pay with a platinum credit card or with three bags of gold. He may very well have a coach, a footman, and four horses waiting for him outside. Truly, he is dressed to the nines.

You’ve Reached The End