Stanley Kirk Burrell, or professionally known as MC Hammer, is considered as a founding icon of the pop-rap music that incorporates his rapping skills together with his choice of danceable songs. We probably all know him from his hit single U Can’t Touch This that popularized the iconic Hammer pants.

Despite his commercial success, his finances can’t keep up with the way he spent on his luxuries. If he had a financial advisor, he would’ve pretty much tagged Hammer as an overspender. Even with all the evidence pointing out that he lost most of his money because of his own doing, the rapper still evades the idea that he’s out of commission, and he still has plenty left in his pocket.


Lindsay Lohan was one of the biggest child stars back in the days, and her success continued up until the 2000s. During that decade, she graduated from just being a child star to a full-pledge Hollywood superstar. However, issues started to appear in her career that affected both her personal and professional life.

She was always in the news due to legal issues that sometimes required intervention from her lawyers. It was followed by a couple of low-budget and unsuccessful films that stalled her from attaining a consistent career right at the top of the Hollywood rankings. Federal taxes and other expenses caught up with her, which eventually led her on the brink of filing a bankruptcy report. Good thing she managed to pick herself up and is now slowly making huge progress in her personal, career, and financial life.


Kim Basinger once reached her heyday in show business thanks to successful modeling and an acting career during the ’80s. People gave huge credit to the 1983 movie, Never Say Never Again, for the favorable fortune that she had within the industry. It continued for a couple of years more. Awards started to pour in, and that meant extra paychecks on her bankroll.

However, things started to go down for her financially when she tried to invest in a property in Braselton, Georgia, for a whopping $20 million. Basinger initially planned to establish a tourist spot within the area, but it backfired big time. Her finances never went back to its former glory and caused turmoil between family members.


Famous Hollywood dance instructor Abby Lee Miller had her fair share of life with luxuries under the limelight. Most of her fans widely remember her in Dance Moms. However, she also experienced some issues with her finances. However, for those who didn’t know, she was already on the verge of bankruptcy even before her famous show started airing.

The main culprit behind her financial status would be her taxes that revolved around her real estate investments. Abby Lee Miller even went behind bars but was released thanks to her good conduct behind the correctional facility. She also just recently announced that she would not do the new shows she’s currently associated with, and all of this can be pointed towards her illicit remarks on social media.


Michael Lee Aday, also known in show business as Meat Loaf, made a successful career in singing and acting during his prime. His series of albums in the Bat Out of Hell trilogy is considered one of the best-selling albums of all-time, with more than 50 million copies sold around the globe. Aside from his groundbreaking career in music, he also had a field day in acting. In fact, he has more than 50 film and television credits under his name.

However, things went south during the early ’80s when he saw himself in the middle of a legal crisis that became a big part of his financial downfall. Good thing he was able to bounce back strong while facing a certain adversary. That proved his overall composure when facing all kinds of life issues being thrown at him.


Willie Nelson rose to fame thanks to his album Shotgun Willie followed by two other successful albums named Red Headed Stranger and Stardust, which were all released during the ’70s. With these in his bag, he became one of the most successful country singers in the industry, and cash came rushing into his account.

He established a couple of investments that eventually ended up in failure and contributed to his bankruptcy. It was followed by a series of defaulted loans and put the nail in the coffins. Good thing he remained composed even under pressure, as he slowly but surely crawled his way towards a better financial standing. Nowadays, he’s free from all the financial obligations that haunted him in the past.


Wayne Newton used to be the biggest name in Las Vegas back in the days. He was known to his patrons as Mr. Las Vegas, The Midnight Idol, and Mr. Entertainment. With that in mind, we can clearly see a glimpse of what his career used to be during his prime. However, he also experienced a series of financial roadblocks that plagued most of his career.

In 1992, news broke out that Wayne had around $20 million of debt under his name, which pushed him and his lawyers to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It took roughly seven years for him to sort out his situation, but things didn’t run as smoothly as he hoped. In the 2000s, he faced a couple of charges ranging from airport parking fees, tax issues, and many other financial-related issues.


The film producer and entrepreneur Joe Francis was the man behind the successful entertainment franchise Girls Gone Wild. Throughout his career, he managed to get a couple of headlines under his name that usually involved tax eviction, bribery, and other legal accusations. Despite that, no one can argue the impact his investments made in the industry.

However, things caught up with him in the early 2010s after he filed for a bankruptcy report due to his bad gambling habits. A couple of years later, Francis failed to comply with the agreement he had for the bankruptcy that resulted in an arrest warrant for him. As of 2015, a couple of reports stated that he’s been residing in Mexico along with his family.


We all can agree that American media wouldn’t be the same without Larry King. He’s one of the legendary figures in television and radio and achieved numerous awards that cemented his influence in show business. However, only true fans would know that he faced financial issues back in the days.

He used to run a couple of investments with his then-business partner, but the two eventually had a meltdown that caused a huge rift between them. It even reached a point where the two of them even had to settle things in court. The results tarnished King’s reputation and took a massive toll on his finances. After a few years of struggling, the golden opportunity knocked on his door, and down came the most successful show in his career.


Cyndi Lauper is one of the most successful singers in Hollywood, thanks to her wide range of vocals. However, before she reached the pinnacle of her success, she first experienced a couple of hurdles in her financial life. Right before we got introduced to the Cyndi Lauper that we all love, she first appeared in the entertainment scenes as part of the Blue Angel. They had a pretty successful run when it comes to music, but they fell short with their target album shares. Because of that, the group had some heated discussions with their manager, Steve Massarsky, that later involved lawyers and lawsuits.

The aftermath of this became apparent, as it took a huge toll on her finances. However, things started to settle when she launched her solo career that delivered many hits singles such as Time After Time and Girls Just Want to Have Fun.