Witty Wives: 53 Hilarious Photos of Pranks Done to Husbands

They say that marriage is an investment that is more than just love and happy days. There will always be bad times, but what matters is how you and your partner decide to solve and get through it. Most of the time, what makes life easier for a married couple is letting loose for a while and enjoying each other’s company.

If your significant other has a great sense of humor, then better start upping your game! You have to be prepared for pranks and silliness, even when you least expect it. Here, we have compiled 60 photos to show you of wives pulling off hilarious pranks on their husbands. May you get a good laugh–or even better, get inspiration from these!

All Eyes on Him

Is your spouse feeling down lately? Or perhaps he’s been complaining about being neglected? Well, worry no more, because this witty wife has the perfect solution! “I hope my husband feels special when he wakes up. All eyes will be on him,” she wrote in a post. When her husband opened the fridge, he was shocked by the number of greetings that awaited him! As it turns out, the woman stuck googly eyes on all the food in their fridge, so her husband can get all the attention he wants. This was actually a good investment for her to have made, to make up for the times when she cannot give him her full attention. What a lucky man!

Time is Gold

It is universal knowledge that the most important thing in the world is time. We run out of time too fast, and sometimes, there are too many stories and words to mention within the limited amount of time given to us. This is true, especially when a woman finds herself in the middle of an interesting conversation. Whether speaking with her attorney or her colleague, a little sidetrack can lead to them talking for hours without pause; in the same way, it could result in you becoming a corpse waiting inside the car under the sun’s heat.

Face Swap

With the advancement of technology today, almost anything is possible. A lot of awesome applications and software are emerging out of the woodwork every now and then. Some are for productivity, some are for education. Some are for business, some for entertainment. Different trends are popping here and there, some easily fade, while some stay. One of the recent popular apps is the face swap app. Basically, you take a picture of yourself and someone else, and the app swaps your faces in a matter of seconds. It’s a fun app to use, but this picture taken by this woman who was just in the hospital going about her day is hilarious. We’re sure it cheered her up. Whoever did this deserves credit, because this is insane!

Extra Friendly Strangers

Ah, April Fools! It’s the one day of the year when we’re all allowed to prank each other (reasonably) – it’s also known as the most dangerous day for unprepared married people with prankster wives or husbands! Take, for instance, this unsuspecting man who probably went to work like he always does. Little did he know that his wife taped a sign to the bumper of his car that said: “Please honk and say ‘Hi Aaron.’ Pretend you know me.” The poor bloke must not have known what to do with the number of people who greeted him both on the road and when he stopped for gas!

A Blank Canvas

First of all, here’s a little piece of advice from us: never let your guard down. Specifically, do not fall asleep earlier than your wife. Faces are just like blank canvases exposed for any woman to decorate, and what can be a better face to use than that of a sleeping husband? The first step each husband should do after waking up is to check their faces in the mirror before proceeding with their day. If you happen to find your face filled with foundation and eye shadow, do not call an attorney to sue your wife. Look at the bright side; your wife made you look pretty for the day.

Challenge Accepted!

A husband dared to challenge his wife once. He said that she would not be able to shave the hair off his feet without waking him up. The wife, being competitive and a little mischievous, took the husband’s bet. And so, the guy slept soundly that night, feeling confident that his wife will not be able to accomplish the task, believing himself to be a light sleeper. But, alas! He woke up the next morning to find both his feet and toes now hairless. What’s more, his toenails were painted pink, complete with glittery nail polish! We’ve got to give credit to the wife for having painted such intricate nail art!

Say Cheese!

This husband made the mistake of jokingly calling his wife a ‘sandwich maker.’ While they often just laughed it off, little did the husband knows his wife was already plotting a silly revenge plan. Instead of no longer making the husband’s sandwiches, the woman thought it better to get some degree of revenge. The next morning, the husband found his usual breakfast sandwich on the counter and moved to take a bite. He was thrown off by what he was chewing. The texture was different, and when he looked down to see what was inside his sandwich, he saw his cheese still wrapped in its plastic seal! Needless to say, revenge was had, and the wife has no regrets.

The Hunger Paradox

Oh no! This husband found himself stuck in a flowchart hunger loop! He even went as far as asking Reddit for help. “My wife made me a passive-aggressive flowchart to use every time I get hungry,” he said. While a lot of husbands and husbands-to-be deserve credit for coming to his aid, none of them could figure a way out. Some even found themselves stuck in the loop as well! As you read this, the men may very well still be struggling to get out. So be careful! And may this serve as a reminder to clean up after yourselves, unless you also want to be sucked into the wretched flowchart loop!

I’m Good at Math, But…

We all have our fields of specialty, but we also all have our areas of weakness. For example, one can be a wise lawyer who knows the Constitution by heart but won’t be able to carry a tune to save their life. You can also be like this engineer in the picture who knows how to solve complex calculations but has a hard time spelling words. His wife, who has a great sense of humor, decided to poke fun at this. At the same time, she was still kind enough to insist that her spouse is good at math by the end of the day.

The Perfect Place to Get Scared

This woman, on the other hand, has a wicked side to her sense of humor. Her husband did not know what type of decorations she was going to get for Halloween, as well as where she was going to set them up. One day, he came home and went straight to the bathroom. He nearly soiled himself when he saw this life-sized ghost figure hanging from the roofing of his bathroom! Anyone would probably have reacted the same way. The only good thing about it is that he is already in the bathroom— so he might as well take a dump and clean himself up!

Lady and The Tramp

Women often want to date someone who is loyal, sweet, caring, and whose attention will always be theirs no matter what. It might be too far fetched for a man to manifest all these traits, but it doesn’t always have to be a man (or human for that matter), right? Dogs are so adorable and cute that it’s easy to fall in love with them at first sight. This woman might be missing her husband but is lucky enough to have an adorable substitute. Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend, or in this case, a woman’s best date. I would definitely drop everything if this lucky lady would loan me some time with this dashing pup.

Labor Pain Simulation

The idea of making a man feel a woman’s pain during labor has been achieved through modern technology, hence we now have labor pain simulators. Perhaps the idea for this technology came from the Wixáritari, a group of indigenous people in Mexico. Traditionally, their women would wrap ropes around their husbands’ testicles. Contraction after contraction, the woman would feel the pain. In the same way, contraction after contraction, the man would feel it too, with the woman tugging on the ropes. This is definitely a weird way to be feeling the degree of pain your partner is having.


Why call maintenance and plumbing services when you can do it with your own two hands? From cleaning a filter to changing a bulb, homeowners can easily perform easy maintenance tasks with no problem. Women know every inch of their homes from floor to ceiling, and with the help of their husbands, there shouldn’t be problems in their homes that they cannot fix. In the end, and at the will of a woman master, any leak can be sealed. To top it off, there is nothing a loving and caring husband would not do to keep his master calm and happy.

Pest Control

Certainly, these pests do not require any help from life insurance companies. Nevertheless, a choice to pass the responsibility for life onto another person is one of the most important unwritten powers a woman possesses. The fact that some won’t risk having stains on their own shoes just to take life from these little pests is a bold choice a woman could make. Instead, they would pass on to the next person the responsibility of taking charge and handling the situation; they would pass on the responsibility of handling a single cockroach. Some would even trap these crawlers in order to have the next passerby take care of the situation.

Deepest Secrets

Wives have a way of knowing each and every one of your deepest secrets; from shallow secrets and habits, such as how bad your gas smells, to deeper secrets that you want to keep hidden from everyone. Being truthful is very important in a marriage, but you might not know that a woman can use this knowledge to her advantage. Some may even go to certain lengths to personalize gifts for you with a special note to make you realize the nasty smell your gas gives off. Yes, secrets can be kept between two people, but that doesn’t mean they cannot have a little fun with the knowledge they possess.


Women can wear whatever they want. From overalls and mom jeans to suits and silly costumes, no one has the right to dictate what a woman should wear for the day, as long as they are still aware of the dress code rules in their workplace. A female lawyer may even show up at work wearing a banana costume, and that shouldn’t be a problem. In this case, a sense of humor is as important as a sense of respect. A straight face, on the other hand, might be hard to find when these particular female lawyers show up to work wearing their beautiful banana costumes.

Constant Victims

Don’t get me wrong, women are not constant victims in this case; their husbands are. Having someone there by your side will make you feel comfortable to a whole new level. As an example, being comfortable can arrive at a point where you don’t mind placing frozen peas on your husband’s car, knowing full well that his car plate number is “IH8PEAS”, just to annoy him before he heads off to work. On other days, conversations can be serious, such as talking about money management, but it is nice to let loose a little and have a little laugh in between.


A wife might be miles away from home, but there is always a piece of her left behind. Like applying for a loan, you might not realize it, but it’ll come back to you in due time, and you will have to make sure to be secure when that time comes. In the same way, when a wife leaves for town, she must make sure everything around the house is secure until she can return. The wife might even keep a dummy wife in the home to act as her proxy in her absence. This way, the distance will definitely make the heart grow fonder.


Like cakes, women can be sweet and loving. The love a wife can give is one of the treasures a man has to hold on to. After all, marriage is already a personal investment for both the man and the woman. After years of sticking to one another, bad habits start to surface, and one starts to see flaws in the other person that they haven’t seen before. One may even joke that “I love you” becomes “I tolerate you” in the long run. In the end, marriage and relationships are bittersweet, but who says bittersweet cakes aren’t tasty?

Muscles to Good Use

One can’t deny that men are physically stronger than women, so why not put these muscles to good use? Earning a finance degree gives you skills in managing cash; in the same way, gaining muscle gives you the power to carry a child − your child, to be specific. Long walks in the mall and even out at the park can get tiring for a child. This is why having a husband by your side can be used to your advantage. After all, spending hours in the gym weightlifting was never a problem before. Why not have those muscles carry a tired and sleepy child around?

Weak Spots

I will tell you over and over again never to let your guard down. Always analyze what your wife is saying because you never know what goes around that sly mind this time around. Something sneaky is still cooking up in their minds to mess with a man’s vulnerability. She may offer you half of her Twix but would slice it up vertically instead of the usual way, leaving you with a thinner chocolate bar and a half-baked chocolate experience. These wives really know how to hit their man where it hurts, and they have to be given credit for that.

Pre-Morning Mayhem Contract

Waking up in the morning is so hard for most of us, especially if you got so exhausted the day before. Early mornings have this certain feel that would make you want to roll on your bed and fall back to sleep. Alarms are pretty handy, but they will eventually turn into our worst enemy in the morning, it’s either you wake up cranky, or the alarm fails to do its job, and you end up waking up hours after then you’re supposed to. We certainly learned from that and resorted to our back-up, which is the human alarm and in the case of this couple, the husband. Being a human alarm is not an easy job as well, if you have to wake up someone, then chances are that person is a pain in the butt to wake up. That’s why this contract is very essential for this couple to avoid early morning rumble. If this still doesn’t work, maybe they should get a lawyer to make everything official.

Fear Factor

Everyone has fears in life, and who knows a man’s fear better than his wife? A bulky and strong man may be just as terrified of cockroaches as the next person. As strong as one might seem, there will always be a few things that can break those walls aside; one of those fears can even be the wives themselves. From simple fears like clowns and tarantulas to deeper fears like death and bankruptcy, it always is easier to face someone there. This is why you should be wary about making your wife mad; she could very well put a tarantula on your banana bunch the next minute.

A Delicious Meal

Gone are the days when the only job women get is cooking and cleaning for their loving families. But if they actually do cook for them, why not mix in a tad bit of humor along with it? In this way, what the man eats lies in the hands of the woman. The woman may have a culinary or finance degree and still be able to cook up something tasty for her husband either way. A hearty and meaty lasagna might be given one day, and a banana and two eggs in the shape of his genitals may be given at the next. The woman’s power is keeping the man at the edge of his seat, never expecting what is coming his way.

Movie Night

After each stressful week of money managing and handling life as it is, watching a movie with your wife can definitely feel like a breather. Make some popcorn, order some pizza, and make sure the movie is a movie you both are dying to watch. You might very well think that 50 Shades of Grey is the movie of the day, but you’ll be disappointed to find out it was her way of luring you into watching yet another chick flick. A little tease one minute, and the next, you find yourself falling into an abyss of cheesy musical numbers like a hopeless romantic.

Marketing Experts

When you need someone to sell and advertise your old and dusty appliances, don’t look any further. Not even a financial advisor can give you better marketing strategies than your wife can ever give. If there is one person that can persuade and talk people into buying the ancient and worn-out materials lying around your house, it will be a confident woman with a strong will. It takes some will, after all, to get rid of old things in the house. From an oversized stretched-up sweater to a pair of worn-out shoes, trust a woman to be able to sell it through her strong will.

The Unsolicited Opinion

Whether you like it or not, what wear will definitely depend on what your wife thinks. You should check your credit card bills because she might have gone to the extent of buying you a new wardrobe after seeing you decide to wear those jogging pants and university hoodies on a daily basis. Her opinion may be unsolicited, but it is definitely needed. You will never know how helpful these opinions of hers might be; her expense on a classy, new suit may even give the people you work for a better impression of you as their employee. At the end of the day, that suit can get you the promotion you have been waiting for.

Out of the Box

Whenever you need an out of the box idea or a new and creative perspective on things, your wife will always be one call away. After putting much investment into the relationship that has gotten you this far, it is not wrong to ask for their input in order to have a little touch of color and creativity. In return, they will never fail to contribute out of the box, crazy ideas that would stir up a good laugh inside any room. There will never be a dull moment with the help of the witty and creative ideas inside the mind of a woman.

Never Alone

Wives will always be by your side no matter where you are. Even if you are at the station doing work, your wife will always think of ways to make you feel that you are not alone. You may be apart, but video calls and over-the-phone talks will always be a way to connect when you’re both far away from each other. It might even go to the extent that if there isn’t any electricity, a pillow with your wife’s face will keep you safe and warm on a lonely night at the station. A wife will do anything to make you feel her presence in any sort of way.

Say Cheese!

I don’t see dogs smile often, and when I do, it really makes my heart melt. Dogs are undeniably adorable at all times, smiling or not smiling, but looking at this little pug trying to smile will really make you smile as well that you’ll wish all dogs can smile like it and have sets of teeth just like this one. This woman is very fortunate to be seeing this adorable pup’s cute little teeth every single day. She definitely made the right call for these set of munchers. You’d definitely need some roof repair right here because this little one’s cuteness is through the roof!

Plains and Prints

The fashion industry has been around for centuries. We’ve seen a lot of trends, styles that come and go, and different designs that are exquisite. Some that are just okay and just plain questionable, though. People have different tastes in things and different fashion senses. I believe that everyone has their own fashion sense; it just depends on what works for their personality. Animal prints have been around for quite a while. It was very popular in the ’70s and ’80s and became a signature for designers like Dolce and Gabbana, but this dress is a little more interesting than your average printed dress. It might seem normal at first glance, but look closely and see the hilarious prints on it. Someone should give credit to the designer because this is a whole new category of printed fashion. The husband must have wished he was the one printed on his wife’s dress instead.

Surprise Birthday Cake

We always go to extreme lengths to make the ones we love happy; we make sure that they feel loved, especially on their birthdays. Cake is a common thing to give on special occasions nowadays, and there are many different designs to choose from, be them plain or extra. This woman’s husband didn’t want to receive a cake for his birthday, but his loving and creative wife still went through with it. The degree of her creativity, though, is top-notch because look at that cake. Who wouldn’t accept it? If this doesn’t make her husband want birthday cakes, nothing will.

Portable Table

Having a baby requires a lot of preparation, like being physically and mentally prepared. It is also an important factor to be financially stable, which means that aside from having readily available cash, one should opt to invest in trustworthy health insurance companies to help cover expenses. Pregnancy will really take a toll on the mother to be, and there will be a lot of discomfort, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, bloating, and back pains, especially when her belly gets bigger. But it’s not all bad, look at this mama chilling on the couch watching tv with a bowl of snacks that are perfectly rested on top of her pregnant belly. Once the belly gets bigger, it will serve as a portable table as well. Kidding aside, although this whole process is exhausting, it will definitely be worth it.

Reminder Plates

We see a lot of things on the road or in establishments that remind us of people or happenings in the past. Some may be sad, but sometimes happy memories resurface, and there are also times when we can’t help ourselves but giggle, if not laugh out loud, over the funny ones. This wife was probably the latter on this one when she saw this license plate in front of her; she might have taken a quick snap and laughed at how her husband might be able to relate to it. We have to admit that most of us, if not all of us, can take long in the toilet for different reasons. Maybe you got carried away scrolling on social media while doing your business, or maybe your tummy just built up a lot of gas that it’s better to wait out in the toilet than go on multiple trips. Some may be naturally constipated. Whatever her husband’s reasons are, this definitely made her day.

Father’s Day Mugs

There are a lot of gifts to choose from for different kinds of occasions. For minor events such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, we usually just get the ones sold at our local department stores, and these are often novelty items like shirts, tumblers, and mugs. This wife, right here, found the perfect gift for her husband. Although she might not mean to release the deepest darkest secret of her husband just like how he may have released some of the gas inside him, but apparently, she slipped. No worries, everyone will understand. I mean, who in the world hasn’t farted their entire life? We are in no place to judge, but we can laugh about it, though.

Instant Send

In this day and age, the most important thing a wife can do is support the memes you send to her. Scrolling through your Facebook timeline will definitely not pay for your loans, and can certainly eat up hours in your day, but it is an abyss that we cannot run away from. With the new era of technology, a glance at one meme may send you into a never-ending hole of humor that you will definitely want to send to your wife’s inbox. When she shares a laugh with you over the memes you so carefully curated, you will know she is the one.

Diaper Duty

Since there are two adults in the family, it is safe to say that both the mom and dad should take shifts taking care of the baby. This will definitely include changing the baby’s diapers. Having an engineering or finance degree does not even come close to the skills needed to be changing a baby’s diapers, and even though it is an unwritten power for wives to immediately take care of their child and be good at it, the husband definitely still has to contribute. Being clueless about a certain task is never an excuse to sneak your way out of changing your baby’s diapers.

Not a Phase

Through the years, one may realize all the experiences and memories that he has shared with his wife. Nevertheless, there are always some phases and trends that you have fallen for, and who better to remind you of these embarrassing moments in life than your wife. From afros to shaggy hair and even weird pictures of you planking in the middle of the street, people won’t even recognize the grown professional standing in front of them talking about home mortgage refinance rates. Unless you want the whole world to see old photos of you dressing up as a Powerpuff Girl on Halloween, you better treat your wife with love and tenderness.


After years of experiencing everything with each other, from smelling each other’s morning breath to knowing each other’s pet peeves–or even after every fight over a leaking ceiling or an uneven flooring–boundaries may not even be in the vocabulary of married couples anymore. When you have gone through hell and more with the person you love, you can never imagine facing another problem without that person by your side ever again. Even if the person you love has terrible morning breath and loves to chew with their mouth open, you will learn to love that about them. Their ability to annoy you will be one of the things you will hold on to so dearly.

Tough Love

People have different ways of showing their loved ones how much they care. Some are sweet and thoughtful, while some are tough like how our parents are whenever they would scold us. There are different degrees as to how affectionate a person can be to their loved ones. This couple right here might be a little playful when it comes to making each other feel loved and cared for. They might not be mushy and sweet like how we usually expect couples to be, but they surely know how to take care of each other and make each other laugh at the same time.

Puppy Love

Pets are so adorable. They are so playful and loyal to their owners. You just can’t help but fall in love with them. Most of us treat these cute furballs as part of the family and we can’t help but include them in our day to day lives. We usually think of them multiple times in a day like this lovely pet owner who bought this witty cellphone case (credits to the designer) that most probably reminded her of her adorable fur-baby at home. This pet owner is just one of the many people who really love their pets and who like to keep things that remind them of their pets.


They say that a guy with a good sense of humor almost always gets the girl but they failed to mention the part about a lot of girls being pretty funny themselves. Some girls can even be said to be funnier than men. An example is this woman who got her hands on a coffee machine and had a little fun with it. Now, I don’t know the reason behind her doing this, but we can all agree that it’s quite funny. Perhaps she could loan us some of her clever and funny ideas for our own coffee machines, don’t you think?


We need to give another point to the women’s team in the funny category because this woman took her pun game to a godly degree. Not to mention, her cross-stitching skills are pretty impressive. We have different ways of showing our fondness for our partners, and this woman’s way of showing it is not only playful and cute but it also showcases her humorous side, and of course her cross-stitching game. This couple certainly had a lot of fun times together and this pillow definitely made them both laugh. She should do that for a living because she is certainly good at it.

Romantic Dinner

What is your definition of a romantic dinner? Is it a candlelit, steak, and wine night, or a barbeque and smores bonfire at the beach? While these two options are very romantic, indeed, they can only be done on occasion. Nevertheless, a couple can still make every dinner a romantic dinner filled with laughter and conversation at a fast-food chain or even in the comfort of their own home. Whether it’s a hamburger run to a diner, or a stay-home dinner with pork and beans, dinner with the one you love can be made to be romantic with but a few small steps.

Upside Down

No matter how rough your day might be as a doctor or a lawyer, the drive home will always be the best feeling in the world, knowing that your wife will be there to turn your stress and frown upside-down. A tight hug is definitely the best feeling in the world after a full day of hustling to make ends meet. All the more comforting it can be to know that the hug is from the person that you love the most. Your serious and grumpy persona at work could very well turn into the opposite at home with the company of your loving and goofy wife.

Gender Reveal

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly trendy to have a party for every occasion, and we, as attendees, should at least give presents to the hosts who’ve invited us. Some people use their credit cards to buy gifts for these parties, whether their birthdays, bachelors’/bachelorettes’ parties, weddings, baby showers–and a crowd favorite–gender reveal parties. Cakes are very common in parties, and there are a lot of designs to choose from. You can even customize the cake to your preference, like the hilarious workmates of this woman. They pretty much just want a beautiful baby, but we can all agree that all babies are beautiful.

Partners in Crime

When you get married, you both become one with each other. You will begin to do things together and surpass every hurdle that life throws at you together, hand-in-hand. You are responsible for each other and should always look after one another. This wife left a pretty suspicious note for her husband and some questionable instructions that if somebody else happens to read it, they will surely be asking questions. But we don’t need to worry; I’m pretty sure this couple is making an inside joke that only they know about. It’s all clear right here, no need to call any lawyers or police.

Traditional Measuring Device

Men and women have different skills and talents. There are things that men are particularly good at, and some are just better off done by women. It’s not about who’s the better gender, it’s a matter of skill, and, sometimes, the skill can have a biological underpinning. Men often do technical things, and they are easy for most of them, while women tend to need more study and practice on these things. Even so, women often make life easier not only for themselves but for everyone else. They always find ways to be able to do things. Like when women buy clothes, they don’t bring a measuring tape with them, they use the handiest and most convenient way to do the job. Just like this woman buying shorts right here. This is so convenient that if we all just do this, companies selling measuring devices might have to file for bankruptcy.

You are What You Wear

When women mix their powers of creativity and thoughtfulness together, it can result in wonders. A woman could even use this to her advantage to get you to wear clothes with a hundred copies of your face printed on it. To top it all off, she can take the initiative to design, pay, and produce it all for a good laugh. She might be working hard to pay for the water and electricity bill one moment while planning her next big prank on you at the same time. Worries and problems come and go, and it is always satisfying to relax and laugh for a short while in the middle of it all.

Mid-Life Crisis

We are getting older every year and while everyone is signing up for life insurance and preparing to secure their families, there is one thing that we gain: fear. A mid-life crisis hits and we latch on to youth as much as we can. In times as hard as this, there is one person who will always stick with you and be by your side while you gain wrinkles from old age. Another unwritten power that wives possess is to make you feel secure and safe, all while making you feel that you haven’t wasted the life that you lived.

Check-in Counter

Nine months of investment is needed in order to produce a child. Nine months of extra weight, hormones, and self-care is needed to keep the baby healthy. So, it may be the worst nine months to decide that an amusement park is the best place for a date. Although, if you do decide that you want to experience the thrill of Space Mountain late in the afternoon, expect that your supportive wife will serve as your baggage check-in counter on the bench outside the dome of Tomorrowland as she waits for you. This way, it may be better to opt for a dinner date, and order for whatever she is craving for the day.

Time Flies

They say that months or even years pass by like seconds, especially when two people are in love. Yesterday you were finishing your finance degree, and the next, you find yourself happily married with two kids. At the same time, an anniversary may seem like lightyears away on day one but will actually feel like only a couple of days have passed as when you’ve reached the 365th day. Every single year of spending your lives together, you can be sure that your wife will always be by your side. People often even joke that a wife slowly absorbs the life out of you as each year passes.

You’ve Reached The End