Novak Djokovic, born on May 22, 1987, was destined to be called a hero by Serbia. During his tennis career, he has created many firsts. For example, he is the first tennis grand slam singles champion in Serbia, the first Olympic tennis medalist, and the first tennis player to reach the world’s number one throne. athlete. When it comes to expensive homes, athletes tend to dominate the lists as well. After all, they can easily earn millions every season and that’s aside from any endorsement money they might earn.

The same goes for one of our favorite tennis players. A good example would be Novak’s ultra-sleek 4,140-square-foot property in Miami. Not only is it in a prime spot in the city, but it also has clear ocean views from its terrace. Novak’s need for serenity is well-provided for as well. He need not leave home because everything is under one roofing: pools, a spa, a gym, and even an outdoor Fugo bar!