The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes – Find Out What Your Fave Stars Are Investing In

With the amount of money celebrities make from starring in movies or by simply making appearances, it’s only fair that people get curious as to what they’re buying with all that cash. Some celebrities splurge on clothes, on traveling, and on luxury cars—but there are also those who put their money where it makes the most sense: real estate. In this list, we’ll take a look at the homes your favorite celebrities are investing in and if they’re making sound choices. From grand mansions to big city apartments, here’s a look into the luxurious life of Hollywood’s elite.


Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, USA, and is a well-known American director and screenwriter. He has made great achievements in film and has won many honors including the Golden Globe Award for Lifetime Achievement. His name resonates with many, given that his films have become a huge part of people’s childhoods and lives. Who can forget E.T.? His work doesn’t just hit the right emotional chords, but most are also critically acclaimed and have won him plenty of awards throughout his career.

With all the money he’s made from directing, you can expect his home to reflect that success. The $15-million property rests within 145,000 square feet of land. It is surrounded by nature and is close to a state park! Formerly owned by Bobby Vinton, he probably didn’t need to get a loan to acquire this lush residence.